How To Find Your Philosophy, Ignite Your Passion, & Live Your Best Life

What is the meaning of life?

Ask a biologist, archeologist, psychologist, or sociologist, and each would reply with a different answer. Present the same question to an adult, child, male, or female and the responses would also differ.

Who is correct?

Who is wrong?

I believe that everything holds meaning. Sometimes the meaning translates to something large that can’t always be decoded. Nonetheless, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I refuse to believe that life is meaningless and lacks purpose. I believe that everyone has their own path in life, it just must be discovered. Without uncovering this path, it can cause distortion and confusion.

The trouble with paths is that they can be challenging to discover. Maps with treasure chest Xs do not exist in real life. The lucky part is that everyone has a chance to find these paths and walk upon them for life. Each path is unique to each person.

Has your path been found?

This blog will help guide you in finding your philosophy, igniting the passion from within, and how to make sure you are living your best life.

Part One:
Find Your Philosophy

Philosophy, in simplest terms, is a way of thinking. It is how people perceive things and reveals connection among things.

Your philosophy matters and you can find it!

How do you want to live your life? How do you want to view life? What ideas and wise words do you want to be known for living by?

By answering these questions truthfully, your philosophy can be discovered.

Your philosophy will offer perspective when life around you turns foggy. A philosophy provides you with a guide. It’s a set of rules that represents your stance and belief about life and its interrelated components. You can rely on your philosophy when you need it most. Such reminders can serve you well.

Your philosophy should come to you easily. You should feel connected to it and it should always be able to relate to your life, no matter its current state.

How do these philosophies sound to you?

If your life is fueled on devotion – “Make improvements, not excuses.”

If you have goals and bucket lists – “Life is short, do what brings you happiness.”

If you are an independent individual – “You are the author of your own life.”

When life becomes hard and you hit consecutive roadblocks, repeat your philosophy to yourself. When you feel as if you are alone and lost, follow the words of your philosophy. Allow your philosophy to lead you down the right path.

Philosophies stand well on their own. They also work well in groups. Have one philosophy or many, the impact is powerful either way.

My current philosophy – “You are one choice away from a completely different life.”

Find your philosophy today!

Part Two:
Ignite Your Passion

One way to create extra meaning within your life, is to find your passion. Passion can be claimed at any age, both young and old. Once discovered, follow it forever. It is important to never lose sight of your passion. And if you have more than one, that is even better!

Passion means you love something strongly and intensely. You are devoted to it with all that you are. It just simply means the world to you. You should construct you life in a way that makes time and space for your passion(s).

What is your passion? What makes you excited for the day? What makes you happy to wake up in the morning?

Your passion does not deserve to be tucked away or placed at the bottom of your to-do list. In a few easy steps and mindful decisions, your passion can be ignited and always remain at the top of your life.

The words passion and priority begin with the same letter for a reason.

First, do something each and every day, whether big or small, that contributes to your passion. For example, if you are passionate about writing, plan your next piece or write the next scene. If you are passionate about birds, make a list of which soaring species you want to see next and where in the world you can find them. If you are passionate about cooking, create your own recipes and buy a blank cookbook to write your recipes in.

These contributions will amount notably overtime. Some progress is better than no progress. Moving forward, even the slightest bit, is the best direction to be.

Second, consider where you want your passion to take you in life. Do you want your passion to be a hobby, a side-hustle, or a full time job? How do you see your passion fitting into your future?

Answering these questions and making steps to make it a hobby, side-hustle, or job, will help you to understand how this passion will fit into your life. You will also gain perspective of what needs to be done in order for the passion to take desired form.

Third, when it comes to your passion, it should be something that can instantly make you feel happier and prouder at the end of the day. Pay close attention to how the passion makes you feel. If it causes your mood to lift, take it as a sign to remain dedicated and focused. However, if you notice it causing you to be stressed or doesn’t have a positive impact upon your mood, take a break from the passion, or find something new to replace.

Sometimes breaks are necessary, no matter how strong the passion is for you. Breaks can rejuvenate you.

Part Three:
Live Your Best Life

The phrase, “Living my best life” or words alike, have swept across social media captions, particularly beneath Instagram photos that exude bright imagery, smiling faces, and exotic backgrounds. But what does it mean to live your best life? And how can we all live our best lives?

Living your best life is not universal, but rather personal. The meaning of life differs from person to person and our designated paths vary too widely to label simply and mindlessly.

What I perceive my best life to be, will not be identical to what you perceive your best life to be. I am aiming for one thing, while you are striving toward another. I am attempting to live my life one way, while you are trying to live it another.

This is what makes life so diverse.

I think it is really important, no matter what you have been through and where you are in life, to try to live your life as happy as you can. This includes crafting a life for yourself in which you can label as your very best. Make this a goal each and every day.

The concept of “Living your best life” does not mean you will never endure tough times, bad days, and sad moments. Nothing in life can ever shield you from such things. But knowing that you have a happy life to return to after the hard blows over, can be a very comforting thing.

One way to live your best life is by paying attention to what makes your stomach dance in butterflies and heart beat in stars. Add all of that to your calendar. Do more of what makes you excited.

We spend so much of our lives looking into the future and planning for what has yet to arrive. We, at times, are guilty of anticipating too strongly. Add to your calendar the things that make you excited. For every one thing that makes you feel afraid or sad, do something that will lift you up, swapping frown for smile. Do not put off the things that make you most excited. Without exciting things, life can run bland and boring.

I am not the only person who believes this either. Sam Berns, a TedTalk speaker who was born with a genetic disease, discusses his own life and philosophies, revealing how he stays positive, remaining eager for his life. Since then, Sam has passed away, but his words and outlook continue to live on. I mark this TedTalk as one of my favorites.

Click here to watch.

You can do many things each and every day to help clear your mind and find that hidden path and philosophy. This includes realizing how far you have come in life. It means recognizing, celebrating, and appreciating what you have accomplished, both in short-term and long-term. It is to notice all of the luck you have manifested over the years.

Steve Harvey took a moment to break away from his comedy and to discuss with his audience two important messages. He talks about surviving the harshest and hardest of days, as well as adjusting one’s outlook to something better and happier.

Watch Steve’s speeches here.

Life is hard.

Life is unfair.

Life is something we want to joke with and scream at.

But we only have one life to live.

We get one chance and it is out of our hands about how long this chance will be placed in front of us. This fact can hit hard.

So what will you do to remain on your path, stay true to your philosophy, ignite your passion, and live the best life possible?

By crafting a life you can be excited about and genuinely look forward to, before the alarm clock buzzes, is a special component of life. Realizing the strength that you have, physically, mentally, and emotionally, can help you to recognize all you have overcame. When it comes to this, always remember Steve Harvey’s words.

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