A Visit To An Arts & Crafts Show

Last weekend, I attended an arts and crafts festival. Over 100 vendors visited, displaying their creations for people to admire and purchase. The artists, crafters, and builders each had their own style. Some of the artists performed demonstrations of how their pieces are made.

Here are the best vendors I discovered at the arts and crafts festival. To learn more about the event, click here.

All images of each artist’s work is their very own.

John Stevens

Centered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, John’s gallery focuses on historic beauty and coziness. His specialty is watercolor with realistic impressions.

Website: johnstevenslimited.com

Paris Wyatt Llanso

Vibrant canvases and touchable dimensions of paint, bright images formulate in hills and mountains of bulbous beauty.

Website: pariswyattllansoart.com

Kevin Miller Fine Art

An impressionist painter, Kevin Miller’s business card boasts his passion to paint people, places, and things. Essentially, pretty much anything.

Website: kevinmillerfineart.com

Bruce Garrabrandt

A personal favorite artist of mine at the festival, Bruce depicts animals in playful and fantasized ways. From a pig sprawled on the beach to cows golfing on the green, llamas in a deli, cats sipping from the toilet, and more.

Website: artbybruce.com

Gregory Drescher

Gregory masterfully captures the vibrancy and perspective of a scene.

Website: gregorywdresher

Jane Wise Art

Most appealing about Jane’s art pieces is her ability to capture more than one season in a single landscape painting.

Website: janewisearts.weebly.com

The Cranky Cat Collection

Silly, playful, and just simply fun, this collection of cats are always doing something, whether up in a tree, in a pond, in the midst of a snowstorm, snacking on fish, and more.

Website: crankycats.com

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