8 Original Haikus

Eight original haikus inspired by cooling weather and the vigor of autumn.

Rubied polygons

Autumn’s dust sprinkles downward

Crinkled by footprints.

The compass spinned North

Pinecone bunches crowded feet

Juniper island.

A cinnamon scarf

Hugs her neck cozily and

Will let go in bloom.

You stitched as time ticked

Woolen web of space and time

Fiber atmosphere.

Blushed in rosy shades

Picked and plucked from curved branches

Crisp bites, Robert Frost.

He tied my laces

And roped our hearts together

In forever months.

The sun and the moon

Passionate and delicate

A tribe within sky.

The wind howled something

Of a cruel gesture and chill

We were safe in here.

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