A Day At Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

This past weekend, I spent Saturday at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens. Located in Kennet Square Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens offers several acres of blooms of all type. Sections of the park possess their own theme and as the seasons come and go, special exhibits are open to all. Until November 17th, the theme is Blooms & Bamboo. Next, Longwood Gardens will ring in the holidays with Christmas florals, poinsettias in particular.

Longwood Gardens is full of winding pathways, tall trees, colorful blossoms, a meadow, and lots of wildlife. Open now, the gigantic conservatory houses a large bamboo sculpture, amongst smaller art pieces throughout its multiple rooms.

Step inside my day at Longwood Gardens.

Longwood Gardens is full of all sorts of blooms and everywhere you look, there seems to be another color. These purple flowers were beautifully planted beside a stone staircase. And as for the pink blossoms below, they were daintily blowing in the day’s light breeze by a sparkling fountain.

Small fountains are placed throughout the gardens, with a few larger ones at other locations. This stretch of land feels as if you are walking on royalty or a castle’s grounds. The water effects on these fountains change every 60 seconds.

Traversing the paths of these gardens, it can be more than just flowers that you see. Some berries popped up on a couple trails. I love the red and green contrast, as well as the pop of unexpected purple.

The meadow was a beautiful space to walk, offering several lightly dirt paths to choose from. The meadow is a perfect opportunity to go bird watching and possibly catch a glimpse of deer, fox, and mink. While we were not lucky enough to see any of this wildlife, the nature experts at Longwood Gardens have seen many sights of these species.

The meadow might as well be at its best in autumn. The landscape is nothing but gold, light brown, and a few mixed greens. The low 60 degree weather was perfect for walking, offering a mix of shadow and sun.

Returning to the garden’s main campus, we strolled closer to the conservatory, as well as the newest installation of fountains. But first, there were more blooms to see!

When it comes to the newest installation of fountains, these fountains have the ability to ascend hundreds of feet into air. The piping necessary for the structure spans five miles.

Longwood Gardens orchestrates fountain shows throughout the day, including one at night that is done in all neon colors and accompanied by music.

I have been to Longwood Gardens a few times, both during winter and autumn. One of my favorite locations within the garden is the conservatory. Some of the most interesting, unique, and gorgeous blooms are housed right inside the temperature regulated greenhouse. The large bamboo sculpture was something I was looking forward to seeing most. The abstract sculpture is full of movement and texture that is sure to impress any set of eyes.

Aside from the gigantic bamboo structure, there were plenty of other miniature art pieces throughout the conservatory. These smaller sculptures were made by various artists and were inspired by Japanese culture.

There is so much beauty at Longwood Gardens. Here are a few more photographs that encompass more of what the conservatory offers. Many enjoy the orchid room and the lily pad ponds.

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