A Note To You On World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day.

I would put the word “Happy” in front of those four words, but mental health is nothing to be happy about. It is a day of odd recognition, nothing like our most beloved holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But this is a day to realize the power our mental health has over us as humans.

Humans are only so strong and without our mental health it is challenging to function and to be our best self. Our lovely, wild self.

In a way, we are kind of like balloons.

When we are happy, we are full of air, full of elation. We can float gracefully throughout our day, from one location to the next. Smiles are glued to our faces as if they are our best friend.

However, balloons can deflate, lose all their air. Balloons need their inner “stuffing” or else they are helpless and can’t fully live. Without our thoughts intact and in the absence of inner confidence, inner peace, inner happiness, we deteriorate and in a way, deflate right along with the balloon.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, I encourage you to stay afloat.

I encourage you to stay afloat on all the days that follow.

In case you need some more convincing…

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