Halloween Costume Recommendations For Literature Enthusiasts

Are you an English student who finds themself busy more times than not? Are you an English student who seems to have too many essays due at once? Maybe you are writing a paper about masculinity in Beowulf or of Emily Dickinson’s sexuality that comes through a small set of her poems. Quite possibly, you are trying to study up on James Orwell in connection to the rise of journalism.

Regardless, English students might not have all the time in the world to decide what to be for Halloween and find a costume.

But don’t worry, Writing Colorfully has you covered!

Edgar Allan Poe was famous for his short stories, including the ones that were a bit mysterious. He tended to write darkly, which is why he is a perfect figure to dress up as. The materials you will need to complete his look is simple. There are 6 crucial pieces to this costume.

Zelda Fitzgerald was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Similar to him, she did much writing herself. In fact, she was the influence of many of his female characters. Daisy Buchanan from my favorite classic novel, The Great Gatsby, was one of them.

If you are not in the mood to dress as a male writer, then Zelda Fitzgerald might be your go to. She is also the perfect excuse to dress up as if you are living in the 1920s. And if you adore a little glam and a touch of the spotlight, this costume may be perfect for you.

The are only five necessary pieces to complete this costume.

You could be J.K. Rowling for Halloween or another common character from the seven part Harry Potter series. But why not be a professor, in particular Professor Trelawney. Be a little quirky this Halloween by following this costume guide. Approximately five pieces are necessary to pair together.

Effie Trinket, from The Hunger Games, found excitement and thrill in dressing for the occasion. Even if there was no occasion, she was still sure to dress lavishly and look her very best. If you want to wear a fun costume this Halloween, Effie Trinket might just be the right solution. You will certainly bring a lot of color and flair to this year’s party.

Only 5 pieces are required for this costume.

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