October Inspired Writing Prompts

Daylight fades earlier and earlier, making night fall faster. Spend your nights with your pen and curl up to these exciting October inspired writing prompts. No matter what you like to write, these prompts are sure to fit into your style. Connect with the month of October and become inspired by the energy that surrounds.

Prompt #1: Write an acrostic poem out of the name of your favorite candy.

Prompt #2: Write three spooky and haunted tankas.

Prompt #3: Write of what a covered bridge may look like in the prime of autumn.

Prompt #4: Write a hermit crab essay in the form of a pumpkin or apple pie recipe.

Prompt #5: Write a free verse about the abundance of color without using the word orange. Instead, use synonyms to express the shade.

Prompt #6: Write a haiku about the sensation of a knife piercing a pumpkin’s thick core.

Prompt #7: Write a sonnet about leaves.

Prompt #8: Write two cinquains, one about the taste of apple cider and the other about the taste of hot chocolate.

Prompt #9: Write a concrete poem about a smoking chimney as the wisps brush across a sky.

Prompt #10: Write of the sounds of fabric becoming sewn and stitched together as a costume is made.

Prompt #11: Write an ode to your favorite fall vegetable.

Prompt #12: Write a list poem of the things you are thankful for.

Prompt #13: Cut and paste words from a magazine to create a poem that represents October as a particular space.

Prompt #14: Create your own character sketches based on the types of people you may find at the front door while trick-or-treating.

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