A December Poem: Snowflakes

The sky
Reflected ice skate lakes,
Teal and shiny like steel.

The celestial vault
Was folded like a blanket
And placed inside the freezer,
Beside the vanilla
Behind the December laced
Ice cube trays.

The atmosphere
Churned and stirred
Like cookie batter.
Flour sprinkling
Countertop corners
As white slivers
Coated knit.

The cerulean sphere
Whispered and howled
In snowflakes,
Magnetized to mittens
And configuring pathways
To the mazes of

The periwinkle haven
Spun and spiraled
Us into
The tumble of a
Christmas globe.

The frostbitten dome
Planted crystals
And icicles
To pattern the planet
And frost frigid faces.

The sky
Reflected ice skate lakes
And released its snowflakes.

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