My 2019 Photo Album

I started to enjoy the feeling of having a camera in hand after taking a photography course in high school. Even before, I realized that photography is a form of art. No matter where I am, I’m often searching for beautiful scenes to shoot. Flowers and sunsets are two of my favorite things to photograph.

In honor of 2019 coming to a close in two and a half weeks, I compiled some of the best images I collected over the course of the past twelve months.

I am looking forward to more amazing photography opportunities in 2020.

Photo One

I captured this blazing sunset from my front porch this past summer. I love the contrast of warm clouds and a cool sky.

Photo Two

Switching from sunset to open winter sky, the bare tree expresses the chill in the air. I like to call these types of clouds, footprint clouds.

Photo Three

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. In the prime of summer, the garden that wraps around my house displays the brightest daisies. Inspired by the floral scenery, I captured this perspective shot.

Photo Four

These tiny, hopping frogs were very photogenic. I found these amphibians while at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. From frog to leaves, I love the vibrancy of these jungle brights.

Photo Five

Antique shopping can help you find something rare. For me, I like to take photographs of unique items, just like these vintage glass Coke bottles.

Photo Six

Ice cream parlors are fun places to visit in the heat of summer. One parlor I went to supplied this beautiful sunset across Pennsylvania farmland.

Photo Seven

Autumn leaves dripping wet from a rainstorm is a pretty scene to walk upon. I distorted this image to make the leaves possess a pinker, redder color scheme.

Photo Eight

I caught these blooming chrysanthemums at the perfect moment just as buds were beginning to open. A few flowers were already spreading their colored petals.

Photo Nine

Living in Pennsylvania for twenty-two years, these are the types of views seen during car rides.

Photo Ten

These blue waters can be seen from the shore of Virginia Beach.

Photo Eleven

Near or far, it’s fun to watch hot air balloons float by. Photographs of hot air balloons, such as this one, reminds me of my own balloon ride many years ago.

Photo Twelve

After visiting Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens this past autumn, a pathway led me to these purple flowers.

Photo Thirteen

Another bright colored garden.

Photo Fourteen

While sunsets are one of my favorite scenes to capture, I also enjoy the projection of sun rays through trees.

Photo Fifteen

I enjoy the rocks in the foreground before blue water emerges. This image was also taken at Virginia Beach.

Photo Sixteen

Also in Virginia, I visited my first lighthouse.

Photo Seventeen

From the weeds to the wooden fence, I love the countryside feelings that emit from this image.

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