What I Watched On Netflix This Year

I watch a lot of Netflix. But who doesn’t give into the urge to binge? I mean, we are in the midst of the digital and streaming age.

I keep an updated list of shows I have watched on Netflix, along with a list of shows I want to watch in the future. With how often I stream (pretty much everyday,) it can be hard to remember what I watched and when I watched it.

From Netflix originals to popular network shows, here are some of the best shows I binge-watched in 2019.

Show One



Technically, I started watching That 70’s Show at the end of 2018. However, I didn’t finish the series until the first couple months of this year. The friend group of six comes with their own quirks, but their personalities and sense of humor just work.

Show Two



I hopped on the bandwagon to watch this popular original. The storyline and concept of You was good and quite interesting. It’s a unique on-screen idea to pursue, but I don’t think I’ll be watching the second season.

Show Three



After seeing Ashton Kutcher on That 70’s Show I was eager to see him take on a more mature and modern role on The Ranch. Characters from other shows Kutcher starred in made an appearance, such as the housemaid on Two and a Half Men.

Show Four



This two-season Netflix original is a fresh, comedic series about a couple’s goofy marriage, their daughter’s growing up and abundance of curiosity, all done up with a twist of awkward situations.

Show Five



I really enjoyed this clever, comedic sitcom of the hustle and bustle of news. After a young woman lands a newsroom internship, her mother joins the workforce along with her. The catch is that she lands a job at the same office.

Show Six



After a young girl faces a near-death experience, she receives a heart transplant. The transplant offers her a brand new life in more ways than one after she begins to experience strange events and encounters. She ends up having a deeper connection to the donor.

Show Seven



Dead to Me just might be one of the best originals made. The first season details a mother’s intense grief after her husband’s death. To cope, she attends a support group and ends up meeting who she assumes to be a friend, but has her own set of secrets and scandals.

Show Eight



Shows about zombies doesn’t appeal to me. But place the storyline in a sitcom setting with Drew Barrymore as lead actress, I am sure to love it. The three season show concludes on a cliffhanger after being cancelled, but navigates the struggles of keeping this zombie-secret inside the walls of her family’s home.

Show Nine



The Society is one of the most stellar shows of the year. It is political, real, thought-provoking, and post-apocalyptic. The premise is a group of classmates return to their town after a failed academic field-trip. It appears that everyone is gone and they were placed in another world or dimension. The teens, now, are the only ones who exist and must navigate this new way of life.

Show Ten



Schitts Creek was one of the most hilarious shows I watched this year. Ridiculously funny, the show focuses on a family who fell from riches to rags. The sitcom is dramatic in all the right ways.

Show Eleven



To be most honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this original show very much. My expectations were low. However, I came to find that this show is rather addicting. I found myself ready to leap into the next episode, wondering what was going to happen. It’s a show of nothing ever going the way it was originally anticipated, along with a few psychopathic characters.

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