New Year's Resolution Recommendations For All Types Of People

The end of the decade is near, but the start of another is glittering on the horizon. It is the perfect time to find your New Year’s Resolution to make the year of 2020 extra great. Make this the year of new opportunities, more positive outlooks, more risk taking, more thoughtfulness, and finally following through with your resolution. No matter your personality and interests, there are plenty of resolutions to fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Here is a list of resolutions you will find fun and actually want to complete.

Happy holidays and New Year from Writing Colorfully to you!

1). Learn a new hobby

A brand new year is an excellent time to find a new way to spend your free time. When deciding on your new hobby, ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Do you want your hobby to align with current interests?
  • Would you want your hobby to help explore a new side of you?

Experiment with various hobbies, or invest the next twelve months to one pastime. Remember, a hobby should be something you thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.

2). Learn a new language

Learning a new language is not an easy activity. It requires dedication and a lot of effort. While some languages are more challenging to grasp than others, pursue learning a language that you think would benefit you most. Turn toward a resource to help you learn the language and keep you on the right path of progress.

Remember, spoken languages is not the only type of language you can learn. Learn the language of signing or website coding.

3). Visit new locations and landmarks

The world is full of travel-worthy places and spaces. Landmarks and tourist attractions are some pretty incredible sights, and lucky for you, they exist in every state. Make 2020 the year of the traveler. Visit locations both near and far from your home. Allow these traveled destinations to reveal new cultures, people, and experiences.

4). Get involved

There are many ways for someone to get involved in the world around them and make a positive difference. Be more selfless and generous this year by giving up your hours to help someone else. Spend time at a local library or a pet adoption center. Put together care packages once a month for those in need. Frequently donate to food or clothing drives.

5). Put pots, pans, and cookbooks to use

Sort through all the cookbooks you have acquired over the years and have been patiently waiting to be cracked open. Make lists of the recipes you want to make, whether as a delicious good morning, or a warm meal at the end of the day. Try new tastes and be more creative in the kitchen this year. You never know what extraordinary dishes you will serve.

6). Get a green thumb

If you have any empty space in your yard and are unsure how to spruce it up, think no more! Transform the space into a garden. Plant flowers as the seasons change. Or plant vegetables to harvest your own organic, healthy ingredients. To be more earth-friendly, be sure to use natural pesticides.

7). Update your wardorbe

Like fashion designer John Galliano said, “The joy of dressing is an art.” Consider 2020 to be the year of fashion. Change your style to reflect a new side that no one knew you had. Be more experimental with patterns, colors, and trends. Be sure to always wear styles that make you feel both beautiful and confident.

8). Be more inspired

Inspiration isn’t just for those involved in the creative fields. No matter who you are, aim to be more inspired this year. Surround yourself with things that make you dream bigger. Download a daily quote app to read something positive when you wake up in the morning.

9). Expand your music preferences

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to music genres and the artists within them. Some enjoy the older hits, while others like modern tunes. Regardless of your preference, attempt to be more experimental and explorative to find new genres and artists. Find something new to listen to each month. For a tougher challenge, discover something new each week.

10). Live more literary

If you are a writer, live a more literary life in 2020. The ways to live a more literary life are abundant. For a few ideas, read more, write more, write (kind) book reviews, attend signings, and more.

11). Enroll in a class

You do not have to be enrolled in a college to take a course of interest and learn something new. Consider taking one class or a few as a way to invest in yourself and better yourself. Take an art course, something in the science or psychology field, or even a cooking class. The possibilities are endless at your nearest college.

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