Podcasts To Listen To This Year

Imagine, it is almost time to leave, so you snatch your car keys, grab your phone, bag, and head out the door, the destination on your mind. You open the car door and climb inside. After turning the key in the ignition, do you adjust the radio knobs next or cue up your favorite podcast?

Listening to music or podcasts are the most common of ways to enjoy one’s commute from garage to parking lot.

Music puts the mind at ease and presents a more enjoyable car ride, whereas podcasts have boosted themselves in popularity. The topics, discussions, and channels are vast, just like the sounds, styles, and genres of music.

Boarding the bandwagon within the past year, I began exploring the podcast section on Spotify. I tracked down some channels that seemed particularly interesting and began listening. Documenting and reviewing, I decided to feature some of the podcasts I have been listening to most often and am looking forward to all their future content. No matter your conversational style and podcast preferences, you are sure to find something exciting on this list.

*All images are of the podcast’s original cover art. Podcasters own the rights.

1. I am a big fan of YouTube. It is the comedy channels that I am most drawn to, which makes sense as to why I’m an Emma Chamberlain subscriber and follower. Nearly nine million subscribers strong, Emma began her podcast in 2019. If you are a fan of anyone with a good sense of humor and someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves, then her podcast is sure to satisfy. Her podcast, Stupid Genius leads her on a tangent of different stories where each episode tries to answer a pressing question.

2. Robin McGraw takes a break from her skin care line to connect with listeners, but women in particular. Robin sits down with a range of influencers and hard working women who tackle a range of topics. The I’ve Got A Secret podcast is an hour of swapping secrets about party planning, fashion, love, gaining confidence, and more.

3. As an avid writer, I just can’t get enough of speaking about writing and listening to the ways of the craft. Ann Kroeker, who also blogs, represents diversity in writing through abundant conversations about the process. Her episodes include self-editing, habits that can ruin your writing, and producing ideas. With my love of writing, I can see myself further exploring these numerous episodes. No matter how advanced of a writer you are, we can all use a little coaching from time to time.

4. Suspense from the first sound, NoSleep Podcast immerses all listeners in original horror stories through words, sound effects, and eery music. This unique podcast offers an interesting twist to ghost stories through audio. Ditching the ordinary ghost story swap, NoSleep shoots for storytelling through auditory performance and engagement. As a fan of horror films, this podcast delivers thrillers in a way I didn’t know I was searching for.

5. London-native Daisy Buchanan, the podcaster not the novel character, sweeps listeners across libraries and bookshelves of professional writers. She wants to know what they read, what they pretended to read, the books they are nervous to admit they read, and more. You’re Booked podcast discusses the dire questions for book worms and writers, exposing all.

6. The world is too expansive not to explore, but real reviews of the spaces and places people visited are too funny not to conduct a read-aloud. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet takes real-world, real-people reviews from hotels, car washes, stores, golf courses, salons, and other locations. A humorous and unique podcast proves that they really can be about anything and it just makes sense.

7. The entire planet is a crafted design. We interact with design day-in and day-out. 99% Invisible draws discussion from the designs that often go unnoticed or unquestioned by the majority, hence the near 100% in the name. Unnoticed, however, does not mean unimportant. Become a listener of this podcast for an artful, architectural podcast that can intrigue the minds of designers, architects, and those itching for more knowledge.

8. Amazing, it is miles above good and a lot better than great. How To Be Amazing is a podcast that showcases to its audience a plethora of successful people who share stories of how they became this quote-on-quote, amazing human being. An abundance of celebrities with their own path in the world join the episodes for conversation. From scientists, chefs, writers, video stars, comedians, and more, this podcast will make you want to be just as amazing.

9. Your brain is helping you read this sentence right now. And your brain will also help soak up the information of any podcast, so why not construct a podcast that focuses on the brain? Good Job, Brain gives all audience members an opportunity to test their knowledge, learn, and interact with prompted questions, quizzes, and more. Interactive and entertaining, you won’t find yourself dreading the lecture like high school.

I used to think podcasts were an acquired taste and was an activity I would never find fun. After listening to these podcast channels, as well as exploring some others, I was more intrigued than I originally expected. I knew podcasts could be about anything, but after searching it showed more clear than ever. I enjoyed the variety of podcasts as it can be difficult for me to find the back and forth conversational style interesting, as I am not physically in the room with the hosts and guests.

For me, 2020 might just be the year of the podcast.

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