My Favorite Handwriting-Styled Fonts on National Handwriting Day

Happy National Handwriting Day!

It was not until last year that I discovered National Handwriting Day existed. I find it rather neat that there is such a day as this one.

I love my handwriting and I like to see what the handwriting of other people looks like. Did you know, there is a connection between handwriting style and our personalities?

The closest things to handwriting in the digital landscape is font. Sorting through various font styles and selecting a font to use when writing is an enjoyable experience. Each style exudes its own attitude and personality. The style a singe word is written in can change its connotation altogether, which is where design comes into play.

In stories, it is not uncommon to have authors insert a handwriting-styled font when a character writes a note. Picking such a font is a big deal, as the handwriting should match to the character’s demeanor and possibly even assist in the way the author hopes readers will further see the character.

I selected some of my favorite handwriting-styled fonts that I like to use most in my writing and that I genuinely find appealing. In celebration of National Handwriting Day, here’s a list of these fonts.

Chauncy Pro is one of my favorite handwriting fonts. There is visual appeal in this font, solely deriving from the mixture of lower case and upper case, as well as the non-linear placement of each letter. The lopsided quality makes this font fun, with a silly and playful touch from the exaggerated dots above the letter ‘i’.

This thin cursive font is totally my style. In fact, I find the text to be so appealing that it’s the same font as my first tattoo – “Writing”. I think this font is quite beautiful and can work perfectly for a female character. Especially one who is charming, takes pride in their work and efforts, and likes to accomplish goals with a particular polish and neatness. Plus, the style mimics calligraphy, a popular expression of words and their connectedness.

One of my characters in my novel has this handwriting style. There is a light and bold version. The light version, displayed here, is realistic and can fit into any story quite well. The realisticness of the style comes from feeling of it written neatly with a steady hand, all while showing the natural wavering, offering slight imperfections to the strokes.

Similar to Swister from above, this font style is also being used in my current novel. Both of these styles are sort of like complements to each other, as Swister is thin and Verveine is a thicker font. What I enjoy about this font is that it is easy to believe that a marker, pen, or pencil was used to write a message, due to the contained boldness.

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