I Embarked On A Black & White Photography Challenge

Photographs are their own version of art and the capturer of images are a unique type of artist. My photographs are easily inspired by nature, color, and an overall feeling I earn when first glancing at the scene. Drawn to color in all aspects of my life, I typically enjoy snapping scenes that are bright, bold, or distribute color attractively.

As a writer, this past year I realized how important it is to experiment and remove yourself from your comfort zone in order to improve and become more knowledgable about the subject. As an artist, I believe this to be true as well.

I enjoy looking at other photographer’s work, but all too often I rarely showcase my own photos for the world to see. In order to challenge myself and step out of my usual photography-bubble, I went on a spree by capturing the world in monochromatic tones.

And the results of this art challenge are finally in!

One of my favorite times of day is when evening sun sends lines of shadow and light across the room.
After a few minutes in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania for a Sunday afternoon, I snapped this photograph.
The window view from one of my college classrooms.
The morning chill of an icy, frozen windshield.
Clouds seem to always be photogenic. Half of the sky was clear as the other half was cluttered in clouds.
Even in a monochromatic manner, the Christmas cheer can still be felt. And the scent of pine and gingerbread still emanates.
A quarter of a metal star with one of its points.
Through thick branches, a segment of sky reveals itself as twigs try to reach its height.
A black and white photograph winterizes firewood even more.
The first January snow.
An aerial view of snowflake-grass juxtaposed with a lonely leaf.
The hidden colors of a bloom of pencils.
Even in grayscale, succulent beauty and peacefulness still transpires.
As a writer, I have a dream to collect many typewriters.
Come nightfall, Pennsylvania farmland acts as a perfect landscape silhouette for sunsets.
I am not afraid to admit my obsession with paint samples. I love to collect them, organize and arrange them, and use them for creative purposes. A black and white image of paint samples can make any mind wonder what shade they truly are.
A second cloud photograph. Half and half of darker and lighter gray splits the image into ominous and pleasant.
Drifting sun sinking and window peeking.

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