Happy Birthday, Jackson Pollock

Today is Jackson Pollock’s birthday!

I remember first learning about Jackson Pollock and his work back in elementary school. After a lesson about who he was and his painting style, my art teacher handed us large sheets of white paper. What unfolded next was unique chaos across the canvas as paint splattered. It was further chaotic as splattered paint can be a few dozen times messier when children take a stab at it.

My art teacher also handed us uncommon elements to paint with. It was experimental to try to push and pull paint across the paper with rubber bands, marbles, and more. The only limitation was that a paint brush’s bristles could not come in contact with the paper.

While I can’t quite locate this project today, I do remember using a lot of blue, red, and yellow.

While I am familiar with some of Pollock’s pieces, I have yet to see his work in person. I think it would be exciting to see the layers of paint and color up close, simply enjoying how the paint fell and dried.

Jackson Pollock also went through further experimental periods, breaking out of his traditional splatters. His paintings Circumcision and Stenographic Figure are just two examples.

Shimmering Substance
Stenographic Figure

*All images from Pinterest, the hundreds.com, and jackson-pollock.org

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