Happy National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Happy National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

This day is recognized for the power within the arts, the therapy of healing art can bring, as well as the endless inspiration paintings can release. Whether the creator of art or the admirer, art can unleash a lot of amazing things from within us.

In honor of Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, I compiled a list of some of my favorite paintings that inspire me in a range of ways and that I feel a type of connection to.

by John Frederick Peto / Take Your Choice.

I was first introduced to John Frederick Peto after visiting the National Gallery in Washington D.C. This vast pile of books tossed, stacked, and sprawled made my writerly side wonder which stories the wooden box contained. I hope one day that I will have published as many novels as this.

by Childe Hassam / Celia Thaxter’s Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine

A peaceful and gorgeous landscape of coastal and floral, I find this depicted scene dreamy. It is impressionist styled paintings of nature, particularly flowers, that I enjoy and am drawn to most. When writing of flowers, in stories or poetry, I wish to capture their beauty as much as a painting can.

by Raoul Dufy / Paddock et turfistes à Ascot

Raoul Dufy was also a new artist for me to discover. Searching his other work, I was enthused over his illustrative style, watercolor effects, and overlap of color. His amusing work possesses a fun and lively style, something that I like seeing expressed in art. Art is freeing to create and Dufy’s bold choices make this come to life even more.

by Vincent Van Gogh / Cafe Terrace At Night

I love the ways Vincent Van Gogh has depicted the nighttime landscapes and sky. Using his befriended blues and yellows, he paints night just how I like to envision the starry, dreamy time of day. As he enjoys recreating night, I love writing about nighttime and find the quietness mesmerizing, as well as the perfect time to really hunker down when it comes to my creative projects. Turning off the lights in my room, opening the blinds, as I write by flashlight is one of my favorite things. There is something about night that feels most alive.

by Henri Matisse /  La Femme En Jaune

This is one of my favorite Henri Matisse paintings, as it reminds me of the first time I wrote an imagist poem. For inspiration of that poem, I used this painting, enthused to describe the floral rug and wallpaper, along with the chartreuse dress. This painting is poetry in and of itself.

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