Starry Eyed: A Poem

I thought I saw it,Spotted itAnd captured itWith my handsOr a lacy netLike capturingBugs in thePrettiest swathOf summer. I thought I found it,So I crafted a patternFrom it,Overlapped the boundariesAs if twoDidn't exist. I never wanted to be anAstronaut,Or even rub my handsAcross the bellyOf a starship.Who knew wrappingYour fingersIn between mine wasAn identical expedition. … Continue reading Starry Eyed: A Poem

Lovely Words To Add To Your February Love Stories

The Rhode Island coast cradled the couple, as ocean waves lapped, and a sunset smeared before their eyes. Another couple strutted hand-in-hand for a nighttime walk in New York City, as lights danced and fluttered around them. Love birds sniffed rows of roses in an enchanted English garden below crystalized blue skies. What love stories … Continue reading Lovely Words To Add To Your February Love Stories