My Goals For National Poetry Writing Month

It is just about that time of year again when National Poetry Writing Month will soon be underway. Thinking about my participation for the first time last year, I feel rather nostalgic.

Back in 2019, it was my first time participating in NaPoWriMo. It also was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a poet so far. While my days as a poet are still just beginning, I am excited to announce that I’ll be writing and posting poems throughout NaPoWriMo 2020.

I feel confident in saying that my poetic voice has strengthened in the past 365 days. I also feel confident in saying that I have higher goals and standards for myself this year compared to last year.

Previously, I was just testing the waters, taking part in something I hadn’t before. For the first time, my blog had given me a platform to write and post my poems publicly. I felt (and still do) feel fortunate and lucky to have earned so many kind and encouraging comments about my NaPoWriMo work.

One of the primary goals I have this time around is to experiment with more forms. I am almost always writing Free Verse, Haikus, and Acrostics. While many of my poems for NaPoWriMo will fall into those three types, I want to take a few steps outside of my poetic comfort zone. Some of the forms I hope to experiment with are Tankas and Odes. I want to write more Tankas to further experiment with carefully crafted lines and limited syllables, something I find appealing with Haikus. When it comes to Odes, I think they can be quite beautiful and profound, which I think matches the tone and mood I strive for in my work. If I feel particularly daring, I may attempt a Sonnet or Couplet, but that might be a NaPoWriMo 2021 type of thing *laughs.

Additionally, I want to utilize a broader vocabulary. In my oldest versions of poetry, I tended to overuse several words. While I didn’t continue down the repetitive path last NaPoWriMo, I want to continue this style along with using words I haven’t utilized in other writings before.

A third goal I have is to read more poetry during the month of April. This includes poems of those who paved the way for writers, as well as other WordPress users who are blogging their own daily poems. If there’s a specific poet you think I should be reading, comment them down below!

Overall, I feel like this year’s round of National Poetry Writing Month will be quite successful and memorable. To learn more about the writerly initiative, click NaPoWriMo’s official website here:

Happy writing!

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