Heads bob
Hips sway
Sneakers are in
For another hard day.

A sea of cells
You try not to
Bump against,
And ignore the ones
Who do it to you.

“So what’s on your mind?”
Asks no one’s voice,
Except the one residing
Behind your forehead.

You can think of a million and twenty-six

Are the galaxies
Really expanding
Each day
How wide
Can they become?
And how many astronauts
Are just floating out there?

If people die
And become ghosts
How many
Are staring me in the face
At this second?

How many people
In this park
Know someone
Who knows someone
Who knows someone else
Who knows someone I know
Who knows me?

The song
Playing, replaying
Never pausing, quieting
How many other people
Have the same tune
Swimming in their conscience?

The front of the line

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