What’s On My Reading List?

Having been in college for the past four years, my time to read books was limited. Sure, I was able to read a few books sporadically, Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry, along with a couple others, but mainly I have only been able to read literature for course work rather than pleasure.

Now that I am finished college, my senior year officially over, I want to dive back into the genre I admire and finally explore all of the amazing stories I missed and are to come. Here are some of the books that are on my reading list.

*Images of covers found on publisher’s website.

Famous in a Small Town
Emma Mills
Sophie’s high school marching band must raise money to make it to Los Angeles, California to perform. She takes matters into her own hands and reaches out to the small town’s celebrity who made it big as a country singer. The star, unwilling to return for a fundraiser, may cause a past to be relived, some secrets to slip, and hearts to be broken once more.

We Walked The Sky
Lisa Fiedler
A multi-generational story about being tugged in opposite directions and trying to remain balanced. While Callie finds a place in the VanDrexel Family Circus, her mother takes a position of her dream job in Florida, uprooting both of them. Now, Callie and her mother are finding new tastes of starting over.

No One Here Is Lonely
Sarah Everett
Eden loses two of the most important people in her life at the same time. First, her friend and crush, Will, through a car accident, followed by her other friend, Lacey, through the normal and relatable growing apart ordeal. Will isn’t really gone as Eden can still “talk” to him through a digital account that sends voicemails and messages. Eden becomes caught up in “Will,” that she struggles to realize all that is bustling around her.

Nick and June Were Here
Shalanda Stanley
Nick and June seem like they could be the perfect pair, but their imperfections complicate life. June was diagnosed with schizophrenia and Nick’s latest car stealing scheme could land him in jail. In a heartbeat, they desert town together.

The Undoing of Thistle Tate
Katelyn Detweiler
Thistle is a writer, or so she hopes to make everyone believe. She is the author of a popular series, yet, she doesn’t actually write her own content, a secret only her boyfriend, Liam, knows. But as Thistle’s final book of her widely popular series nears, her secret begins to unravel. And all of this may not be her fault.

How to Make Friends with the Dark
Kathleen Glasgow
Tiger’s life switches, turns upside down, and she finds herself inside a foster home following the unexpected death of her mother. It appears Tiger’s relatives are nonexistent until someone shows up at her foster home. Tiger is introduced to a brand new meaning of what family is.

Let Me Hear a Rhyme
Tiffany D. Jackson
All about music, three friends help to keep Steph’s music alive following her passing. Exposing her music to the world, record labels begin catching on. The trio must keep proving that Steph’s music is worth-it. But, they can only keep the charade going for so long before they must reveal the musical secret.

How to Hack a Heartbreak
Kristin Rockaway
Mel puts her IT and coding expertise to the test, inspired by her lack of luck in the dating world. She programs her own dating app which also singles out dating harassers. Her app blows up overnight and has the entire world abuzz, including co-workers who are unaware of the mastermind. Her app and workplace professionalism just might soon collide and tough choices will be made.

A Very Large Expanse Of Sea
Tahereh Mafi
Shirin is Muslim and she encounters people’s harsh stares and comments each and everyday, especially following 9/11 attacks. She has built up a wall around herself and the world, emotions bottled, except when it comes to music when she lets herself free. Shirin meets Ocean James, a guy who sees passed her race, religion, and way of life. For the first time, she finds her walls slowly breaking, but she’s apprehensive to let them fully crumble.

500 Words or Less
Juleah Del Rosario
No one knows more about the penalty of reputation than Nic after cheating on her boyfriend. As a way to make up for the mistake and to reverse her reputation, she begins writing college admission essays for her peers. Stepping into their lives and pretending to be them, it seems she may know more about those around her than she knows about herself.

The Universal Laws of Marco
Carmen Rodrigues
Marco found a spark when he kissed his best friend, Sally, for the first time. But then she disappears without a word or trace and he has no clue why. In their senior year of high school, Sally returns but Marco has a whole new life. Upon Sally’s reappearance, his mind has trouble remaining in the present.

The Rest of the Story
Sarah Dessen
Emma lives a predictable, calm life with her father. But with much surprise she is sent to spend the summer at the lake with her grandmother and cousins. A new world is presented to her with histories and stories that have yet to be revealed to her. A boy, Roo, holds a special connection to her life and during that summer she has much to uncover.

Royal Holiday
Jasmine Guillory
Tagging along on her daughter’s work trip to England, Vivian finds herself as a royal. A handsome man captures her attention and he, too, seems to be intrigued by her. Her trip to England over the holiday turns out to be more than she ever expected.

One Day in December
Josie Silver
Laurie has never been the type to fall in love too quickly or believe in “Love at first sight” fate. Though, this all seems to switch when she catches the sight of some stranger she feels to be the one. Him in the street and her on a bus, she tracks down every bus stop and cafe she can, hoping to find him. But one Christmas party seems to bring them together when they are finally in the same proximity again.

Fire Color One
Jenny Valentine
Iris’s mother claims she has an obsession with fire, maybe she does maybe she doesn’t, but she sends her off to live with her father in the English countryside. It seems the story she once was told about her father is far from the truth. Iris is left to discover herself, along with uncover who her father truly is.

Minnie Darke
Justine and Nick knew each other as children and bump into each other as adults. Now, Nick is obsessed with horoscopes and signs. He reads his favorite magazine to receive the latest about astrology. Little does he know, Justine works for that same magazine. Justine hopes to work some magic and hopefully bring them closer than ever before.

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