A Limerick On National Limerick Day

Today is National Limerick Day and nothing makes more sense than a blog post about limericks. I wrote my own limerick, having not written one since seventh or ninth grade. I knew I wanted the season of spring to be the topic of this poem, but it took a few trials before it took the form below.

Flowers eclipse the camera lens
The warm green breeze flutters shirt sleeve hems.
Ocean-colored skies wink
Crocus and tulip pink.
These are the beautiful springtime gems.

While limericks are known for being silly and humorous, my limerick is about springtime. The piece uses a near-rhyme in the first line and the meter varies slightly. Though, across history, we see much variation of the limerick between different poets.

Straight from Edward Lear and Shel Silverstein, here are two fun limerick examples.

No matter the amount of humor or description your limerick takes, here are a few limerick prompts to get you started.

  1. An exaggerated facial feature or expression
  2. Your favorite season
  3. A song of misheard lyrics
  4. Bugs in moldy fruit
  5. The night sky
  6. Perspective of an inanimate object
  7. Morning coffee
  8. A limerick written in alliteration
  9. A recipe
  10. All of the things a shoe steps on

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