May Inspired Calligraphy

Watching calligraphy and lettering videos on Instagram is a beautiful sight to see when scrolling down my timeline. Watching the technique of pens, markers, and brushes captured my attention and inspired me to try it out.

December of last year, I began the hobby of calligraphy. Now, I am displaying May-themed words and phrases for all of you to see. My calligraphy element of choice are Crayola markers. You don’t need a fancy ink set to create beautiful calligraphy.

While my calligraphy is far from immaculate, I really like some of the words and phrases I came up with to encompass May’s beauty. The bold colors of the markers came out strong and lovely in each photograph.

What I like about the month of May, aside from the flowers that begin to bud and bloom, is the sense of freedom. For me, the freedom is as bright as ever, having graduated college and having my entire life ahead of me.

There is much to gaze and marvel at during May, many of these items are brightly-colored and beautiful, showcased in this calligraphy gallery titled, Blueprints. The month of May sets the stage for summer, a greeting into hotter days and warmer nights.

From food to nature, May offers plenty of spectrums. Robin egg blue skies are beautiful and the ruby of strawberries are just as gorgeous.

So far, the weather patterns of May have been unpredictable. While April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, Mother Nature has been offering wetter weeks with cloudy routines.

The scent of summer often comes from nature that surrounds, including the fresh, natural scents of cut grass and peeks of floral.

Meandering beneath arches of rows of cherry blossom trees looks to be an enchanted experience. Unfortunately, these pathways don’t exist anywhere near where I live. The pale pinks are still something I can dream of.

Pollen is already floating through the air. The gardens at my house have popped with daffodils and tulips.

May brings much maintenance to keep gardens pruned and flourishing.

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