Keep These Websites Bookmarked During Your Next Writing Session

Closing your laptop and sliding your phone away might be part of your writing routine. Avoiding distractions and leaving you to the words that spill from mind to paper is how many people like their stories to unfold. Not every writer strives for the quick succession of keyboard taps.

No matter your writing surface, writing still requires a certain amount of research and preparation. Research can be satisfied by a quick Google search, a few link clicks before you’ve stumbled upon your answer. Other times, the research is more in-depth and may take some hours before you sourced each detail.

Here are a list of websites to bookmark before your next writing session. These websites can make the research and planning step more fun, while easing any dilemmas during the writing phase. So, don’t shut your laptop yet!

“Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.”

Meg Whitman / CEO of Quibi

Indeed is one of the best, most accurate career websites available to anyone seeking an internship, freelance opportunity, or a part-time to full-time job. The website’s filter function allows broad and narrow searches based on keywords, location, salary, and more.

Have a character residing in Kansas? Research current open positions offered in Kansas. Your character can be anything from a campaign coordinator to a transcriptionist, or even a library media specialist. The unique career possibilities are endless on Indeed. Want to use another career finding website? Checkout LinkedIn or Glassdoor.

Consider how your character’s career can offer them specific personality traits that will work against the novel’s primary struggle. How could their job potentially get them into trouble or present a new challenge? In contrast, maybe their job is the escape that they needed all along.

“Houses, like people, have personalities, and, like the personalities of people, they are partly molded by all that has happened to them.”

Louis Bromfield / Author

Zillow is just one of many real estate websites. While my personal favorite is Zillow, Remax and Realtor are websites that can also suffice and deliver what you need. Zillow allows you to track down any house or apartment you want to buy or rent.

Using Zillow can inspire the house you wish to have your character live. It also gives you the chance to better visualize and describe the home. The house can influence other character features, such as wealth, job, size of family, priorities and behavior, and more.

You do not have to be avidly buying or selling a house to navigate to these real estate websites. Even if you are using them for writing research, they can be rather addicting to scroll through.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

James Beard / Chef

Restaurants are fun to dine at and the content that fills each page of their website can be just as mouth-watering. Navigate onto your favorite restaurant’s website, whether Panera Bread or another, and explore the lingo commonly used to describe various meals. Become a culinary pro and deliciously detail the meals your character may feast on.

Learn the language of meats, salads, fancy seafood entrees, desserts, drinks, and more. To fully immerse yourself in the experience, skip website surfing and visit your favorite restaurant for a yummy meal.

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