How To Find Inspiration Prior To National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month is approximately two weeks away. The notion of time flying appears to be true here, as it doesn’t feel like an entire year blurred past since I was planning for NaPoWriMo 2020. Then, I shared my work with all of you daily and am excited to participate for the third year in a row.

Will you be joining me?

Sourcing inspiration for National Poetry Writing Month can be challenging. The month is constant idea generation, writing, speedy editing, and sustaining inspiration and confidence in each piece of work produced. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to seek inspiration and make April a prolific, low-stress, and successful thirty days. is the official website where you can learn about the global event, seek writing prompts for each day of April, and even interact with other participants. The NaPoWriMo website includes an archive of writing prompts back to April 2013. That’s over two hundred poetry prompts you can resort to!

The participant tab on the website allows links to be shared to portfolios and blogs for other readers to view. This can allow you to see what other poets are writing about and what techniques they are using to compose effective, unforgettable literature.

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Poets participate in NaPoWriMo for various reasons, whether to discover or sharpen their personal voice, to start or expand their portfolio, hopes for publication, or just to be involved in the global event and build relationships with other word enthusiasts.

Prior to April, decide what your focus for National Poetry Writing Month will be. Remember to avoiding losing sight of what the challenge will mean for you this year.

In addition to honing your purpose, avoid comparing your portfolio to other poets. NaPoWriMo is a great opportunity to read another’s work and gain insight as to what others are working on. Reading work that is not your own is meaningful in improving and growth. However, comparing poems in a negative light isn’t productive and conducive in bettering your writerly self. This can also cause you to lose sight of the purpose you assigned to NaPoWriMo 2021.

Other ways to remain inspired prior to (and during) National Poetry Writing Month is to keep up with daily activities that usually bring new ideas. This can include listening to music, embarking on nature walks, photography, enjoying sunrises and sunsets, reading, cooking or baking, making art, and more.

Take note to the times of day you feel most stress-free. During those moments, jot down ideas and poetic storylines that you can expand on during NaPoWriMo.

Finally, pull out any old poems you have wrote and review them again. In what ways can these drafts improve? Rewrite and revise older poems and pull inspiration from previous subjects and ideas you wrote about.

If April is going to be your first experience writing poetry, navigate online to poetry prompt generators or resort to common themes, such as grief, nature, and love. What stories from childhood or another time in your life could you retell?

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