Tips For Sharing & Promoting Your National Poetry Writing Month Work

Having other people read your creative work is both nail-biting and thrilling. It is ever-so-necessary, however. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to share and promote your NaPoWriMo work and request feedback from other poets and readers.

One solution is to build your own website using a blog-hosting platform, such as WordPress. Organizing your poetry across your website provides space to inform readers about the influence and story behind each poem. A blog is a great place to share other tidbits and offer a glimpse into who you are, not just as a poet, but as an everyday person. It is also fun to customize and design your website to help make your work and voice pop.

In addition, the official NaPoWriMo website allows you to share your blog link for other participators to find. This will help you get extra eyes onto your site and work.

A second solution is to take advantage of social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Facebook is more of an old-fashioned social media platform compared to Twitter and Instagram. If you do not have a lot of Facebook Friends, then sharing your work here might not gain much traction. Regardless of followers on Twitter and Instagram, you have a bigger chance of people interacting and reading your work.

Hashtags majorly come into play when using social media. Facebook’s hashtag impact is nearly non-existent. However, the power of hashtags on Twitter is greater and on Instagram it is even better. On Instagram, the poetry/writing community is prevalent and very welcoming.

Some great hashtags to use are:

  • #NationalPoetryWritingMonth
  • #NationalPoetryMonth
  • #NaPoWriMo
  • #Poetry
  • #PoemsOfInstagram
  • #PoetsOnInstagram
  • #PoetryCommunity
  • #Writing

While composing your hashtags, keep a couple tips in mind. First, Instagram only allows 30 hashtags. Additionally, don’t shy away from specified hashtags that describe your work, such as #lovepoem #naturepoem #freeverse #sonnet etc.

Be sure to follow, like, and comment on other poetry accounts to create online relationships and increase your chances of people interacting and supporting your poems.

Of course, there is nothing that makes it mandatory for you to share your work with others. It is perfectly okay to keep your NaPoWriMo poems to yourself. They can always be shared at another moment in time.

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