“Summertime Is Always The Best Of What Might Be.” – Charles Bowden

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden

It’s true that spring is still in the air, but next month summer will make its entrance.

The pandemic impacted a number of things, including dampening summer plans and halting vacations. Summer 2021 is finally on the horizon once again and it is time to reclaim this season. I want to guide you and inspire you through how to make the most of your June, July, and August. It’s no secret that summer is a beloved season by many and is an exciting time of year. So, let’s plan, reclaim, and make summer something special.


“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Get Back in Touch With Hobbies

Coronavirus dismantled every factor of our lifestyle and what was once built into our routines became traded for what seemed most crucial at the time. Staying home was the brand new going out on weekends. And forget getting dressed, pajamas in the afternoon was the next big thing. Now is the right time more than ever before to stop putting off what we once held close in our lives, including hobbies and pastimes that made us happy. Simply immerse yourself in the hobby you once enjoyed.

Partake in the pastime solo or create a group to get back in touch with friends. Establish a schedule weekly or monthly to work on the hobby. It is incredible how more joyful and enriching life can seem when you adopt a hobby and keep up with it faithfully.


Visit the Overlooked

Summer has us all yearning to travel to new, picturesque locations whether to a far away state or country. And the farther overseas, the more exotic it seems. The virus caused an assortment of travel restrictions and we spent lots of time at home. Instead of making bank accounts dip, visit the small business, outdoor spaces, and hidden gems scattered across your neighborhood or county. Explore locally and you just may grow to further appreciate the place you reside.

Of course, a trip to the beach never hurts!


“In summer, the songs sings itself.”

William Carlos Williams

Set & Achieve Personal Goals

There is something incredibly undeniable about the feeling of summer. Summer feels refreshing and emits the sensation of possibilities, freedom, and lots of opportunity for goal setting. Make summer 2021 a time to redirect and accomplish what you set for yourself. How?

Begin by sorting your thoughts and ideas. Jot down anything and everything before reorganizing into a numbered or bulleted list. Dig deeper and develop a timeline. Consider using specific phrasing such as:

By the end of the first week in June I will have…

By June’s end I will have…

Before July 10th I will…

After August 20th I will…


Think about how this summer can be positively life-changing and alter the entire trajectory of your autumn and winter. It is all about putting your best foot forward, investing in yourself, and making a great difference.

Partake in a Photography Challenge

Fancy camera or phone, it doesn’t matter when it comes to this photography challenge. From the first day of summer to the final, document your days through images. Organize in a scrapbook, photo album, or keep on your device.

Be sure to test out various subjects and angles. A quick prompt list to get you going includes sunrises, sunsets, flowers, insects, clouds, rain, thunderstorms, anything monochromatic, anything colorful, bodies of water, fruit, ice cream, around your house, something that summarizes what you did that day. Get creative this summer!



In the past year, our minds tuned into ourselves and loved ones more than ever before. Many of the restrictions we’ve grown used to are being lifted which means we are inching closer to normalcy.

In summer 2021, let’s return to kindness and consideration of others by getting involved at a non-profit and donating your time to help. Whether a food bank, clothing drive, or working directly with people who need help most leave behind footprints of thoughtfulness all summer long (and longer)!


Hone Your Hosting Skills

Break out the fine China and recipes of unique cuisine! Schedule dinner parties for neighbors, friends, and family as you improve cooking skills and experiment with spectrums of flavors. Everyone loves a great chef and host, so turn up the heat in your kitchen!


Become a Better Reader

As an avid reader, I can’t imagine a summer without books. It is impossible to hate reading and J.K. Rowling quoted it perfectly, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

If you aren’t a faithful reader, pursue some research to explore genres and authors and locate the type of stories you see yourself enjoying most. If you have dozens of books in your stack, keep up with your routines and have nothing but a literary summertime!


2 thoughts on ““Summertime Is Always The Best Of What Might Be.” – Charles Bowden

  1. You’ve summed up a lot of good points. The gist should be to ‘keep going’. Add to a list and keep ticking things off. They can be the biggest or the smallest. Achievement, in the positive sense, is liberating.

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