Still Searching For My Coordinates

I was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, coordinates 39.9724° N, 75.6012° W and grew up in Lancaster with my parents and older brother.

Lancaster County, coordinates 40.0467° N, 76.1784° W, is a rural tourist attraction of open landscape and farmland, the front porch of Amish tradition. Horse carriages trot down the roads, cows roam around in fenced territory, and the trees change color and appearance in every season.

June 2021 | Lancaster County, Pennsylvania | Taken by Writing Colorfully.

At 23 years old, I’m employed full time as a graphic designer, social media manager, and writer at a non-profit. I am seeking my next professional endeavor beneath a pair of fresh coordinates.

Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons so it makes sense that states north of Pennsylvania are actively chanting my name, particularly Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Even Vermont has its own charm and beauty.

“No time like the present, a thousand unforeseen circumstances may interrupt you at a future time.”

John Trusler

I always believed I was destined for something larger than my immediate surroundings. I envisioned a life outside of the state I have grown to know throughout my lifetime thus far. Over a year out of college and into my first full-time job, I feel prepared to pursue the job search all over again, relocate, and open to a fresh chapter.

June 2021 | Longwood Gardens | Taken by Writing Colorfully.

Zipping one’s life into a suitcase, uprooting, and beginning a new life in an unfamiliar location is exhilarating and a tad daunting.

But wasting days away trying to avoid a journey isn’t an option for me anymore. So I’m still searching for my coordinates.

*Feature photo from Pexels

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