The Cozy Hues Of Impressionist Paintings

Impressionism is my favorite art movement. The bold colors, texture, and dreamy effect are too beautiful to ignore. Just in time for my favorite season, I have collected a series of Impressionist artwork that boasts cozy, autumn-like spectrums.

Claude Monet, Meule (1891)

Claude Monet painted six haystack scenes in his lifetime, including this 1891 piece with a flourishing balance of warm and cool shades. The sunset and red embellishments of the haystack are a reminder of the fiery colors of autumn trees. The agricultural setting nods to the preparation farmers take as the cooling season approaches swiftly.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Two Women in a Landscape (1918)

Bold brushstrokes depict two young women sitting amidst a field of florals stretching above brimmed hats. Greens, yellows, and browns are natural contrast amongst the woman’s red top. The portrayal of wildflowers and warm sunlight reflecting are where the cozy hues come to life.

Berthe Morisot, Landscape in Tours (1892)

A pastel take on the season; the colors may not be overly fiery and toasty, but the portrait communicates a refined and pretty perspective to colorful leaves and nearly bare trees. A cold painted sky represents a chill in the air.

Camille Pissarro, Boulevard Montmartre; Night Effect (1897)

A component of autumn is early nights. A soft, peaceful, blue nighttime sky extends above a town with luminous lights. Streetlamp, storefronts, and headlights help create the essence of a bustling scene and a touch of nostalgia.

Claude Monet, Autumn Effect at Argenteuil (1873)

Claude Monet was an Impressionist expert and is one of my favorite painters, so I had to include him in this list twice. A literal take on the autumn season, orange leaves extend over Argenteuil, a France suburb. Clear blue water sparkles beneath autumn’s abundant leaves, the town perched in the distance.


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