“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

They say life begins on the first day of school. Twelve wonderful academic years ahead to learn and decide what you want to be when you grow up.

They say life begins at sixteen years old. Almost an adult with a license in your wallet, the open road is coaxing you forward.

They say life begins on college move-in day. Unpacking boxes, meeting new faces, and acclimating to campus life, you’re immersed in a new space of responsibility and independence. College is an opportunity to truly explore and discover the real you.


Maybe life begins when the diploma reaches your grasp.

Scientifically, life begins at zygote. For me, life began on December 15th, 2021.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Tony Robbins

For consecutive months, I felt stuck in a slump. I was employed at a job two hours away from my house and the position became something I was no longer keen on.

Waking up at half-past five and returning home at 6:00pm, my world felt filled with sitting in traffic and planted in a cubicle of a place I didn’t want to be.

Pennsylvania – Photo by Writing Colorfully

I knew two things for a fact:

  1. I wanted a new job
  2. I wanted to move to another state

I thought, “If I want a brand new job, why not move to another state than the one I’ve lived for all my life?”

Each day I scrolled open positions on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. I searched from Annapolis, Maryland to Burlington, Vermont, Sioux City, Iowa, and everywhere in between.

Approximately 50 applications later, I scored an interview in Springfield, Illinois. A week later, I was offered the career-advancing opportunity.

Illinois – photo by Writing Colorfully

In a few short week, I visited Springfield to find an apartment, catapulted into shopping for essentials for my new home, and filling out paperwork for my transition.

Everything about my choice felt right and I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough for all this to happen. My life changed the day I submitted the application.

From Pennsylvania to Illinois, my life has truly begun.

Illinois – Photo by Writing Colorfully

Today, January 8th, I am traveling 13 hours by car to move into my apartment. By January 18th I will be stepping into my new office building.

Beginning anew, here’s to the next step and all the years of my forever-changed life!