Hello, my name is Sierra but on this platform I’m better known as Writing Colorfully.

Besides being a blogger, I am also a novelist, poet, short storiest (sometimes), a reader, photographer, graphic designer, embroider, color lover, art obsessor, big dreamer, music listener, soda sipper, Pinterest pinner, and YouTube watcher!

Blogging is another avenue of writing for me. I used to post content related to writing advice and pop culture. Now, I transitioned my platform to focus around original written work, art, and literature. A change in content, I am excited to continue writing, researching, and learning about an array of creative topics.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to send me a message on the contact page, even if it is just a simple ‘hello!’

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, all images used for my blog are from the creative people at Unsplash & Pexels, a free and attribution-free photo sharing website.