The Night The Constellations Extinguished: A Short Story

"Do you know what you're going to do yet?" Mona asked her friend, Violet. Their high top Converse sneakers thwacked against the sidewalk like the rubber soles did everyday; morning and afternoon, to and from school. The sky's largest star launched rays downward as Violet's sigh trailed into autumn's open air. The beech tree on … Continue reading The Night The Constellations Extinguished: A Short Story

New Year's Resolution Recommendations For All Types Of People

The end of the decade is near, but the start of another is glittering on the horizon. It is the perfect time to find your New Year's Resolution to make the year of 2020 extra great. Make this the year of new opportunities, more positive outlooks, more risk taking, more thoughtfulness, and finally following through … Continue reading New Year's Resolution Recommendations For All Types Of People

Winter Eyes: A Poem

Bands, braids, and beltsFidget and pranceRadiate and gleamIn shimmering sheetsOf atmospheric flickers. Like that crystallineGlisten in your eye. Swaths of skyHover brightlyIn the thousand nightsOf winter,Behind a blizzard moonShining metallically. Violet feathersGreen trembles,Twinkling in ribbons. A decorative luminanceLike that glisten in your eye. Wintertide plunges,Spurts fromAlaska and Antarctica seams. Snow cappedMountaintopsApplaud inFlurried angels. EmbellishedLike that … Continue reading Winter Eyes: A Poem

A December Poem: Snowflakes

The skyReflected ice skate lakes,Teal and shiny like steel. The celestial vaultWas folded like a blanketAnd placed inside the freezer,Beside the vanillaBehind the December lacedIce cube trays. The atmosphereChurned and stirredLike cookie batter.Flour sprinklingCountertop cornersAs white sliversCoated knit. The cerulean sphereWhispered and howledIn snowflakes,Magnetized to mittensAnd configuring pathwaysTo the mazes ofSnowscapes. The periwinkle havenSpun and … Continue reading A December Poem: Snowflakes