Summer: A Poem

Huddling hereThe pier our roofWe won't come out,Storms surge on.Wiggling fingernailsPretending we control theSeasons.Waves re-curl,We are back in June.A June that beepedIn soundtracks of boardwalk arcadesAnd flashedIn rhythmic spotlights of the lighthouse.Cameras and oil pastels,We will capture theseSummer sunsets.The best of thingsNever do lastForever.

Artifact: A Poem

You were my artifactDiscovered in a polished caseJust for show.Fooling is what you did best.I could haveBrushed away the dust,Erased and dismantledYour blemishesThat traced your foundation.You are the artifactI no longer lugThat tugged on my spineAnd prevented meFrom walking.An actual rarityNow fills my laboratory.

Cows: A Poem

Dew clings to fields.Calves and cowsWalk the perimeter,Side by side to the fenceClustered with weeds.Flies buzz,Landing on nosesLike airport runways.Coats spotted,Magnified Dalmatian.Hooves heavyGrass blades flatten.Summer rollsLike the fog,Autumn snags ontoThe next momentQuietly.Whispers of appleAs mowers whirAnd harvestThe final rows of corn.Hums of pumpkinAs the September sunRises higher.Drops written by midnightSprinkle the fieldsAgain.

Lily Pads: A Poem

Lily pad pondsBridge the prosaicAnd poetic.Nymphaeaceae1StandingSide by sideShoelaces almost looping.We hold handsBefore blue islandsDotted in greenAs pastel frogs springAnd colored koi swim. Anura2 / Cyprinus Rubrofuscus3Steeping in summer sunFloating on a planet half unknownJust microscopic elementsBelow macroscopic teal.It sometimes feels likeWe are holding the weight ofOuter space.Victoria amazonica4 1: Scientific name for lily pads2: Scientific … Continue reading Lily Pads: A Poem

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 30 – Seaside

Seaside houseTiled floor,Like white lifeguard chairsSpeckled in sand.WallsPainted in one thousand shadesOf turquoiseAs if ocean wavesSplashed upon themMagnetically.Scent of lathered sunscreenSits in the cornersAnd cracksAll summer long,June to August.The cooler airWe all forget aboutPushes us away,Making us run, joltLike children towardSeagull flocks.We pack up the house,Salted goodbyes.Folding the residence into a suitcaseLike a dollhouse.Summer memories … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 30 – Seaside

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting

9:58amHeads bobHips swaySneakers are inFor another hard day. 10:14amEntering,A sea of cellsYou try not toBump against,And ignore the onesWho do it to you.10:27am"So what's on your mind?"Asks no one's voice,Except the one residingBehind your forehead.10:30amYou can think of a million and twenty-sixThings.10:38amAre the galaxiesReally expandingEach dayHow wideCan they become?And how many astronautsAre just floating out … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting