It’s Raining Hashtags: The Best Tags To Use For Your Niche

Photo sharing websites are for more than just sharing pet photos, your latest party's tablescape, or the land of the place you recently traveled to. Instagram can be a perfect place to begin to expand and promote your business. Instagram captions are either going to be read or ignored. The power of your photo then… Continue reading It’s Raining Hashtags: The Best Tags To Use For Your Niche


Blogger’s Block Solved: A Guide For Producing Compelling Content

Producing content as a blogger can be stressful. You will come face to face with lulls of little inspiration and traverse deserts of wondering if all of this is worth it. I can assure you that it is. All good things take time and can pull monumental effort from within us. Outlined in this blog… Continue reading Blogger’s Block Solved: A Guide For Producing Compelling Content

Infographics To Read Before Writing Pt. 2

Reading is great for the mind and learning new vocabulary. For writers, there are multiple benefits and advantages reading can offer. To start, reading a vast number of novels can sharpen writing skills, such as plot development, characterization, conflict follow through, and more. Other resources and textual media can be of benefit to a writer.… Continue reading Infographics To Read Before Writing Pt. 2

Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

Rap and hip-hop is known for being an innovative and transformative genre. It is also known for common questioning of how seriously it can be taken. The language includes all of the words we were taught to never speak. But what if some of the most important and relevant life lessons we could ever learn,… Continue reading Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

One. The number that means more than nothing, but less than two, three, four, five... It is the number that changes meaning depending on its context. Many want more than one of their favorite thing. Two flowers is always more beautiful, two bars of Twix is always more sweeter, two hours of sleep is always… Continue reading Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

What Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us

Pablo Picasso was an influential and innovative artist, dabbling in painting, sculpting, print making, ceramics, and more. He was also no stranger to the pen as he was a poet and playwright. If we listen closely, we can hear the teachings of Picasso. They echo through his abundance of works and the words he once… Continue reading What Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us

Mistakes Are Maroon

Mistakes. They are not pitch black like the darkest midnight. They are not vivid in red, either, like the most kissable of lips. Instead, mistakes are maroon. A mixture and blend of both colors, stirring together to create one of the most finest shades. It is because the dimness of black and the royalness of… Continue reading Mistakes Are Maroon

What Should I Name My Character?

Before I write the first word of my novel, I have to know the names, both first and last, of each character. At least of the immediate characters who will play the most prominent roles. It is almost as if my character is not fully developed and "born" without a name. Ask yourself, are you… Continue reading What Should I Name My Character?

The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

October has come and gone, but its spookiness lives and thrives in published stories and novels throughout the other eleven months. Ghosts and goblins are never afraid to present themselves in the middle of February or through the nights of June. Each story genre comes with its own set of rules, standards, and writing technique.… Continue reading The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

Encouraging The Heart, Mind, and Pen Through Author Advice

When things turn rough it is human nature to face those who inspire us. Who empower us. We put our trust and faith in them to help lead and guide to something better and brighter. When the pages stop turning, the words end their dry trickle, we rely on the best of the best to… Continue reading Encouraging The Heart, Mind, and Pen Through Author Advice