Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

I was never a part of the One Direction craze, but when the group disbanded and Zayn pursued his own solo projects, I was interested. My favorite album of his is Icarus Falls. Why? The sound, vibes, and mature lyrics was 100% himself. He spoke from the heart and just might have placed himself in… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography


Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Grammy I have my favorite singers who I can rely on to make my day better and brighter when I need it most. For me, Khalid has become one of those musicians. My constant repeating of his album American Teen and Free Spirit inspired this blog post. I took several of his hits and turned… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

What Would A Modern Version Of Friends Look Like?

Friends first aired in 1994. Since the ending of the show in 2004 it has not diminished in popularity. Viewers flock to Netflix to stream the episodes and catch up with the crew. From first season, the characters are lovable and compliment each other. From Rachel's charm to Phoebe's eccentric-ness, and Monica's energy, the girls… Continue reading What Would A Modern Version Of Friends Look Like?

Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

Rap and hip-hop is known for being an innovative and transformative genre. It is also known for common questioning of how seriously it can be taken. The language includes all of the words we were taught to never speak. But what if some of the most important and relevant life lessons we could ever learn,… Continue reading Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

My Road Trip Playlist

Road trips are the perfect time for reflection. Reflection of one's life and to soak in the landscape as we speed down highways and race across new towns. Road trips also offer ample time to enjoy the music we like and is important in our lives. As a student, the time to embark on road… Continue reading My Road Trip Playlist

Inspirational Quotes We All Need To Hear & Live By

This blog is for you. This blog is dedicated to anyone who needs some inspiration, encouragement, and support. Here are some quotes to help get you through the day, the week, the month, the year, whatever it may be. *All quotes are from BrainyQuote I want to conclude this blog by saying, if you are… Continue reading Inspirational Quotes We All Need To Hear & Live By

Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

*Images from CLTure and The Fader I read the headline and my heart stopped. A surge electrocuted my body, hands shaking. It was an announcement I was ever expecting to read. It was shocking, devastating, totally unreal, yet harshly true. This breaking news story touched me. It affected me. And now I am breaking my… Continue reading Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

Nice Job, Nike

Since we were tiny tots with fat hands, chubby cheeks, curious minds, babbling mouths, and unstoppable feet, an older individual, or several, told us to shoot for the stars. They reminded us, to the point of worn-out words, to be true to who we are, do what we please, follow the path in which we… Continue reading Nice Job, Nike