How I Turned Magazines Into An Art Project

It is easy for magazines to pile around the house, unread and unused. I collected some magazines around the house as well as ones I picked up at my local libraries. If you ever need to get your hands on some free magazines, libraries can be a nice place to turn to. I sorted through… Continue reading How I Turned Magazines Into An Art Project


Blackout Poetry

One of the creative writing prompts I remember completing in ninth grade was blackout poetry. You take a page from a book and use the words on the page to help form a poem. All the words not used are colored over by a marker. Any of the words can be used in any way.… Continue reading Blackout Poetry

A List Of Things To Embroider

A couple Decembers ago, I received my first embroidery kit. I stitched for many hours on end until the piece finally became finished. I framed it and placed it in my bedroom. Then, I was excited to venture off in another embroidery direction by completing a free hand piece. This one also took a while… Continue reading A List Of Things To Embroider

Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

We see green, just like the pines we place in living rooms. We see red too, just like the ornaments that decorate and the sweaters we wear to keep us warm. Silver and blue are sprinkled in from the nighttime and winter snow. Color plays a significant role during the Christmas season. Each color holds… Continue reading Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

Style Your Life with Embroidery

Out of all the ways to describe myself; big dreamer, writer, reader, designer, photographer, blogger, art lover, color obsessor, music listener, YouTube watcher, soda drinker, and Starbucks consumer, I am happy to add 'embroiderer' to the list. It's hard to pinpoint how I got into embroidery in the first place. Maybe it was my passion… Continue reading Style Your Life with Embroidery