The Truth About Oxymorons

"I am a deeply superficial person."Andy Warhol / Painter In my opinion, there is no oxymoron I enjoy more than "Alone together." Though, my appeal toward young adult literature may be to blame for this one. Oxymorons are one of my favorite literary devices beside similes, metaphors, personification, and alliteration. Despite their opposite nature, a … Continue reading The Truth About Oxymorons

Liven Your Writing Without Clichés & Idioms

The word ‘cliché’ can sound clunky. And using heavy words in creative writing doesn’t always make for a delightful reading experience. Clichés are something we want to avoid in writing and it can be easy to never allow them to slip into our prose. Clichés are overused phrases that have lost their true meaning over … Continue reading Liven Your Writing Without Clichés & Idioms

How To Be A Good Editor For Yourself & Others

Editing used to be an intimidating part of the writing process. But now, I appreciate it more as I grow as a writer. As editor, I recognize the importance in helping others shape into the best writer they can be. And as the one being edited, I welcome and appreciate feedback. However, there are a … Continue reading How To Be A Good Editor For Yourself & Others

What’s On My Reading List?

Having been in college for the past four years, my time to read books was limited. Sure, I was able to read a few books sporadically, Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry, along with a couple others, but mainly I have only been able to read literature for course … Continue reading What’s On My Reading List?