The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

October has come and gone, but its spookiness lives and thrives in published stories and novels throughout the other eleven months. Ghosts and goblins are never afraid to present themselves in the middle of February or through the nights of June. Each story genre comes with its own set of rules, standards, and writing technique. … Continue reading The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller


7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

It is almost time to leave, so you snatch your car keys, grab your phone, bag, and head out the door. You open the car door and climb inside. After turning the key in the ignition, do you adjust the radio knobs next? Or cue up your favorite podcast, just pressing play? Listening to music … Continue reading 7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

How To Improve Our Mondays

Imagine for a moment that it is Sunday. Sunday evening, to be more exact. The clock continues ticking and tocking from the nearest grandfather, cuckoo, or watch. Evening skies darken into night as our bodies slip into bed. The moon and stars are officially upon us as tired eyes shut, for what we hope will … Continue reading How To Improve Our Mondays

Is “Said” Truly Dead?

Students and writers alike have heard it before. Cue the hand movements and 100pt bold font quotation marks, because -  "Said is dead" Teachers and mentors have taught that "said" is overused and to avoid the speech tag at all costs. Later, a piece of paper is slipped in our direction that reveals an in-depth … Continue reading Is “Said” Truly Dead?

How Truly Thankful Are We?

According to Merrian-Webster, the word "thankful" is an adjective (obviously), but it is described as to be well-pleased or glad. It is to be expressive of thanks or conscious of a benefit received. In other words, we are full of thanks. But are we only thankful during the days impending Thanksgiving? I become wary of … Continue reading How Truly Thankful Are We?

Are Hamlet & King Lear The Best Shakespeare Plays?

William Shakespeare is a poetic, metaphoric, and rhythmic writer whose cleverness and talent is still celebrated and performed across stages today. Plays and sonnets also live on in classrooms, serving as middle school and high school English lessons and drama club inspiration. Surely, his most popular is likely show-stealing Romeo & Juliet. The deathly love … Continue reading Are Hamlet & King Lear The Best Shakespeare Plays?

The Meaning Of The Seasons

Each person on the planet has their own desires, favorites, and dislikes. We are aware of the elements we are most drawn to as well as what we enjoy the least. When it comes to the months and the seasons, why would it be any different? Many people enjoy the warmest times of the year, … Continue reading The Meaning Of The Seasons

Poetry Word Count: Does Size Matter?

Letters are really interesting when we think about them more in-depthly. Only 26 letters exist in the English alphabet, yet we can sort them in countless combinations to create words. Adding letters or removing them from a single word can alter the meaning. It is those words that are moved and shifted around to create … Continue reading Poetry Word Count: Does Size Matter?