Poetry Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

pmstudio.com Listening to music while writing (and even sometimes editing,) can help me to stay focused. Any lyric sung can unexpectedly inspire an idea. If you are also an avid music listener while writing, then this post is perfect for you. "There's no goodbyes, only usSo I will followHold you close standing on the edge … Continue reading Poetry Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

Comet: A Poem

At nightI envision my houseFloating,Attached to a cometBy silver string,Silver like a spider's web,But more beautiful,Charming,ExquisiteLike stars and diamonds.Tethered toExpensive threadI'm attached to a comet,My home's foundationTucked in an unknownGalaxyAs silence prevailsAnd refuses to beTainted with.Dark wraps my windowEnveloped,Like a love letter.

Iris: A May Poem

One of my favorite painters is Vincent Van Gogh. One painting I like by him is 1889, Irises. Inspired by his masterpiece and the season of spring, I wrote a poem depicting Van Gogh's painting, describing the color, movement, and emotions of the scene. Interestingly, I initially wrote this poem during National Poetry Writing Month. … Continue reading Iris: A May Poem

A Limerick On National Limerick Day

Today is National Limerick Day and nothing makes more sense than a blog post about limericks. I wrote my own limerick, having not written one since seventh or ninth grade. I knew I wanted the season of spring to be the topic of this poem, but it took a few trials before it took the … Continue reading A Limerick On National Limerick Day

Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

Today, May 3rd, is National Lemonade Day. Besides sipping on the ice cold, sweet, and tangy beverage, what better way to honor the day than with a poem? Fresh out of National Poetry Writing Month, my mind and pencil still feel invested in poetry. So, here is a poem about lemons and lemonade and all … Continue reading Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting

9:58amHeads bobHips swaySneakers are inFor another hard day. 10:14amEntering,A sea of cellsYou try not toBump against,And ignore the onesWho do it to you.10:27am"So what's on your mind?"Asks no one's voice,Except the one residingBehind your forehead.10:30amYou can think of a million and twenty-sixThings.10:38amAre the galaxiesReally expandingEach dayHow wideCan they become?And how many astronautsAre just floating out … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 28 – One Lick

The glass mugDishwasher glintingSlid my way.Fizz foamsBeneath my crescentFingernail,Index dipping intoThe solar systemRippling at the rim.Stars large likeVanilla scoops.---Tinges of morningScooped, raisedBy silver spoons.Frozen flavors frostingTongues and throatsThat once soothedUntamed sleep.---Royally blended sunsetKissed by coral lips.Confetti, pale dotsOf pink,A stirred duo.Light and bright.Creamy smears glimmerBefore eyes and belliesOf chilly appetites.