Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

I was never a part of the One Direction craze, but when the group disbanded and Zayn pursued his own solo projects, I was interested. My favorite album of his is Icarus Falls. Why? The sound, vibes, and mature lyrics was 100% himself. He spoke from the heart and just might have placed himself in… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography


Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Grammy I have my favorite singers who I can rely on to make my day better and brighter when I need it most. For me, Khalid has become one of those musicians. My constant repeating of his album American Teen and Free Spirit inspired this blog post. I took several of his hits and turned… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

One of the perfect settings for a summer romance is the beach. The sand, ocean waves, and sunscreen scent is a landscape that marvels in the months of June, July, and August. A lot of possibility lives on the coast. It hides itself inside of curled seashells and dances in the jet stream wind of… Continue reading What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

Adjectives are words with attitude and personality. Adjectives offer insight into the scene that is expressed. Through the right selection of adjectives, something once fictional can seem very real, very logical, very true. A range of emotions can be produced through adjectives. As a writer or even a student, you may have been instructed into… Continue reading The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

Writing Prompts To Aid Depression & Anxiety

During my second semester of my junior year at college, I had the opportunity to pursue a semester-long independent project. One of my courses allowed me to explore the world a bit further, specifically within the literary world and through a mental health lens. The project I created was a perusal of other colleges and… Continue reading Writing Prompts To Aid Depression & Anxiety

A March Poem: Door Mat

Coir door mat Can fit two feet And ten toes But just the ones That are yours. A tambourine knock And a chime doorbell. Wait just a Moment As the screen Swings open For you. The sky is changing Spinning and shifting No longer Cloud covered. It wasn't a Thunderstorm That was coming. Spring was… Continue reading A March Poem: Door Mat

A George Orwell Inspired Essay: Why I Write

For the first assignment of my Creative Writing Form & Theory course, my professor instructed us to read an essay by George Orwell. Simply, the essay give insight onto the reasons Orwell writes and what ignites his urge to do so. The correlating assignment the class was instructed to do next was write a similar… Continue reading A George Orwell Inspired Essay: Why I Write

A February Poem: The Wandering Girl

The chestnut painted bunny Emerged from the jade And grass blade. Whiskers wiggling In a scurrying twitch And ears perked tall. Inner pinkish hue exposed Like the breathings of one's heart In a love letter Stamped and wax-sealed. To the left The brisk breeze Sent scarlet tossing. She pushed her finger To her lips A… Continue reading A February Poem: The Wandering Girl

Mistakes Are Maroon

Mistakes. They are not pitch black like the darkest midnight. They are not vivid in red, either, like the most kissable of lips. Instead, mistakes are maroon. A mixture and blend of both colors, stirring together to create one of the most finest shades. It is because the dimness of black and the royalness of… Continue reading Mistakes Are Maroon

What Should I Name My Character?

Before I write the first word of my novel, I have to know the names, both first and last, of each character. At least of the immediate characters who will play the most prominent roles. It is almost as if my character is not fully developed and "born" without a name. Ask yourself, are you… Continue reading What Should I Name My Character?