The Depiction Of Christmas Across Art History

Way before bulky cameras, video recorders, and mobile devices, how was the Christmas season captured? Centuries ago, various art forms provided snapshots of the most festive time of year. The jolly holiday even inspired some of the most classic pieces of literature, just like A Christmas Carol. Christmas is my favorite holiday and December is… Continue reading The Depiction Of Christmas Across Art History

Ice: A December Poem

Like the iceThat swallowsWindshields onAll the wrongMornings.Unlike the iceThat warmsCoi.Scraping chunks awayLike pushing pastNightmare memories,Hands numb inFrostbitten blue.Like the icebergsNeighboring Greenland,The ones beluga whalesCircle,You swim in my mindAnd I manifest eachWhirlpool, you reelForever downward.Like the iceThat towers to the brimOf a glassAnd pierces your toothFrom the first sipTo the last.

115 Things I’m Thankful For

Being continuously thankful and grateful is one of the most important mindsets to have. And not just during November, but over the course of the other eleven months too. Recently, I have learned what it truly means to be thankful and appreciative of all the things in my life. To match this new mindset and… Continue reading 115 Things I’m Thankful For

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 30 – Seaside

Seaside houseTiled floor,Like white lifeguard chairsSpeckled in sand.WallsPainted in one thousand shadesOf turquoiseAs if ocean wavesSplashed upon themMagnetically.Scent of lathered sunscreenSits in the cornersAnd cracksAll summer long,June to August.The cooler airWe all forget aboutPushes us away,Making us run, joltLike children towardSeagull flocks.We pack up the house,Salted goodbyes.Folding the residence into a suitcaseLike a dollhouse.Summer memories… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 30 – Seaside

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting

9:58amHeads bobHips swaySneakers are inFor another hard day. 10:14amEntering,A sea of cellsYou try not toBump against,And ignore the onesWho do it to you.10:27am"So what's on your mind?"Asks no one's voice,Except the one residingBehind your forehead.10:30amYou can think of a million and twenty-sixThings.10:38amAre the galaxiesReally expandingEach dayHow wideCan they become?And how many astronautsAre just floating out… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 29 – Waiting

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 28 – One Lick

The glass mugDishwasher glintingSlid my way.Fizz foamsBeneath my crescentFingernail,Index dipping intoThe solar systemRippling at the rim.Stars large likeVanilla scoops.---Tinges of morningScooped, raisedBy silver spoons.Frozen flavors frostingTongues and throatsThat once soothedUntamed sleep.---Royally blended sunsetKissed by coral lips.Confetti, pale dotsOf pink,A stirred duo.Light and bright.Creamy smears glimmerBefore eyes and belliesOf chilly appetites.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 25 – Recess

The sun hoveredAbove the pine treesThat sent conesTumbling down the hillAnd into the street.Rolling, like bright coloredKickballs.Those who excelledBeneath scoreboardsClaimed the field,The rest of us clingingTo slides.I liked recess then,But the freedom the thirty minutes broughtMakes some minds believeThey can always doWhat they want.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 24 – Fog

They sayTo let yourImaginationRun wild.Wild likeFlowers.You envisionThe contrasts,Paints and Puddles of theWorld,In the filterYou wished toGlance through.Maybe you didn'tKnow yourself.They sayTo let yourImaginationRun wild.Wild likeEgyptian sunsets.The fog thatSwims and swirlsLike deceptionIn your mouthIlluminates inGray.Maybe you didn'tKnow yourself.They sayTo let yourImaginationRun wild.Wild likeBlackberries.The fog thatSwings and swaysLike truthIn my mouthIlluminates inEverything.Sun raysSend pastel polishInto the fogLike… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 24 – Fog