A Note To You On World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. I would put the word “Happy” in front of those four words, but mental health is nothing to be happy about. It is a day of odd recognition, nothing like our most beloved holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. But this is a day to realize the power our mental health has over us as humans. Humans are only … Continue reading A Note To You On World Mental Health Day

A Day At Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

This past weekend, I spent Saturday at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens. Located in Kennet Square Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens offers several acres of blooms of all type. Sections of the park possess their own theme and as the seasons come and go, special exhibits are open to all. Until November 17th, the theme is Blooms & Bamboo. Next, Longwood Gardens will ring in the holidays with Christmas … Continue reading A Day At Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

An October Poem: In The Trees

In the treesWith the subtle breeze,Maple and sycamoreWaterfall. In the treesWith the mild breeze,Gray and cream scarvesFlutter like silken snow owls. In the treesWith the shivered breeze,Chestnut squirrelsPluck their tails. In the treesWith the billowed breeze,Orange harmoniesAnd yellow melodiesChime as the sun driftsIn thenOut. In the treesWith the blizzard breeze,The lapis skyLapped at EastAnd folded atWest. In the treesWith the thunderstorm breeze,Where birdhouses swayBranches bowAnd … Continue reading An October Poem: In The Trees

Autumn Color Schemes

Autumn comes with its own color palette. From a range of greens, pale to dark like pine, and the lively reds and oranges that make our eyes widen with pleasure and allure. With all the color that sweeps the world, autumn’s colors can inspire fashion pairings, interior design trends, and more. For an extra boost of inspiration and dose of colorful living, here is an … Continue reading Autumn Color Schemes

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Bucket lists are not just lists of extravagant things to do before life has managed to pass you by. Bucket lists are not just for the season of summer either, deciding how to fill long days and the coordinates of your next vacation. The list of things to do during fall is quite expansive too. This year, enjoy fall as much as possible and live … Continue reading The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Tips For Describing The Season Of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. The cool off of temperature and the warmth of trees and fallen leaves makes me happy. I enjoy the transition of short sleeve to long sleeve, tank top to sweater. The shifting seasons will aways act as inspiration for a writer’s work. The idea of leaves falling to the ground have spawned endless metaphors and symbols within the written word. … Continue reading Tips For Describing The Season Of Autumn

8 Original Haikus

Eight original haikus inspired by cooling weather and the vigor of autumn. Rubied polygons Autumn’s dust sprinkles downward Crinkled by footprints. The compass spinned North Pinecone bunches crowded feet Juniper island. A cinnamon scarf Hugs her neck cozily and Will let go in bloom. You stitched as time ticked Woolen web of space and time Fiber atmosphere. Blushed in rosy shades Picked and plucked from … Continue reading 8 Original Haikus

A September Poem: Cows

Fields sprinkled inGood morning residue,Sprout tips dipped inMidnight’s dainty drops. Calves and cowsMake their rounds,By the fenceShared with weeds. Their coatsPure whiteLike kitchen cream. Shielded sunClouds distort,Golden hillTeal land sweepsBeneath. A creek tricklesIn meager chains ofSterling. The center treeBegins to bareLeaves abandoningThe bended branches. Grass blades pressBeneath the heavy printsOf polk-a-dottedBeasts. Summer rollsLike the fog,Autumn snags ontoThe next moment,But first quietly. Whispers of appleWhistles of … Continue reading A September Poem: Cows

A Visit To An Arts & Crafts Show

Last weekend, I attended an arts and crafts festival. Over 100 vendors visited, displaying their creations for people to admire and purchase. The artists, crafters, and builders each had their own style. Some of the artists performed demonstrations of how their pieces are made. Here are the best vendors I discovered at the arts and crafts festival. To learn more about the event, click here. … Continue reading A Visit To An Arts & Crafts Show

50+ First Lines To Begin Your Story

The first line of a poem or story is important. It is the hook, essentially. The first line greets the reader, something like a warm invitation. It sparks questions from the reader’s mind, amusement, and wonder of what will continue. The first line, much like the title, is a hint and opportunity to keep your audience wanting more. It is your one chance to keep … Continue reading 50+ First Lines To Begin Your Story