Hello there, poets!

Writing Colorfully is super excited for National Poetry Writing Month.

National Poetry Writing Month lasts during the month of April, which gives poets and writers an opportunity to generate at least one poem a day. This is a great opportunity to focus on the poems we tossed inside desk drawers or of the ideas that never came into fruition.

NaPoWriMo awaits! What will you write?

For more information on this global event, click the link here:

This year, Writing Colorfully is a participant and will be posting one unique poem each day. Our blog also appears beneath the participants tab on There are many other blogs and sites displayed, but we promise we are mixed somewhere in the shuffle.

This month is full of freedom to write in any poetic form and write of any topic. You can create your own prompts or take advantage of online lists. Check out this prompt list, carefully crafted by Writing Colorfully:

Once the month dwindles to the very end, all poems I wrote will be accessible in the dropdown tab beneath NaPoWriMo. Or you can just click here for easy access: NaPoWriMo 2019. Of course, all poems can be seen on our main page as well.

Good luck and happy writing!