National Poetry Writing Month: Day 10 – Bi-Polar

"You'll be okay." The ink drips in foreverThick like paint,Enduring. Onyx letteringAcross bonesI try to repaintWhite,Yet the soiledWords crackle through,Fast then faster. "You're going to be fine." I wipe awayEbony strokes,Un-dotting, un-crossing,Hoping my heartWill chip away the restAnd leave behindChromatic stamps. "You'll survive." Cloaked in ravenThe ink dries,I'll find another wayTo live.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 8 – Thunder

Harbor morning,Thunderstorm skiesStir the ocean,Seagulls initiateDaybreak. The moonMigrates from the marinaCarrying harbor huesTo galaxy strings. A new environmentBlows forward. SeismographOn the Carolina dock.Permanent markingsTo thunderous vibrationsAnd sophisticated motions,Soundtrack of mellow and agitation. Lines stutter and lunge,Soft bump like a baby's heartbeat,Fierce elevationDark like aMidnight crater. The wind joltsSurprising the sea. Raising higher intoThe atmosphere,Propelling your … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 8 – Thunder

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 6 – Oasis

Smeared summer,Foot's underneath.Whirling bathtub drain,Never vanishingUnlike a shooting star.Heads tilt back,Intense neck creasesPleated with JulyMemories."All of the people are out tonight."All the way in the backOf the black velvet oasis.Rounded cul-de-sac,Neighborhood aglow,Rings of light shine acrossJade, spinning behindSidewalk and streetlamp.Curtains tossed sideways,Windows radiate in spectrumsOf the moon."Do you think they will be out all night?"Orbs … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 6 – Oasis

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 5 – Inside & Outside

Your eyesLike windows,A marbled universeI was invited into. I pulled the shadesCreating a hideaway,Protecting you everyday.The blinds flung openA morning too early. We walked in the beatOf autumn,While you paraded in a falseSummer prance. We never made it to spring.Yet, floral daydreamsAre pasted to theUnderneath of eyelids.I wish upon starsThat they'll wipe away.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 4 – Returning Home

4:05pmWednesday,Parking lot nearly vacantDaydreaming its own fantasies.Early evening inDecember,Quiet as leavesScrape the cold groundBrittle then,Gone now. 4:18pmBranches quiverIn a light wind againstThe changes of night. 4:44pmFull moonRounded pale,Knocking at my Rolled up window. 4:55pmLayered pretty,White tops andPink shine tracingCloud's belly,My favorite winter type. 4:59pmTown streetlamps,Christmas strands coiled in trees,Traffic lights,Brake lights, headlightsFlickered, strobed, and glowed. … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 4 – Returning Home

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 3 – Seashell

Sea breezeWaltzedAcross the freckledSurface,The rigid and the smooth.Beige textileLike the skin of a CantaloupeFound in Seaside markets.Spiraling delicatelyLike the ones attached toFront porch chimesClanging belowPeriwinkle skies. Catching sunAnd umbrella shade,Kissing the cornersOf towels,Squinting above sandLike alligator eyes,Crocodile spectacles. Pieces andFragmentsOf the ocean,Whirling in tidesLike globes.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 2 – Penny

Millions of copper discsNot just in cosmosBut in pockets.Slipping in and outOf leather wallets,An afterthought.Blipping againstLuxuriously nominalCompanions. The storyShe liked to reciteIs that she rolledOff a ship's deckIn the Atlantic,Sliding throughSea breezeDipping into theWavy azure. Riding the tides,The sand retrievedGently coaxingTo dry groundAs twinkle-toedChildren ran pastHer subtle glint. Picked upBy a salty palmFingers drenchedIn sunshine,Gently … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 2 – Penny