8 Famous Poems To Get You In The Mood For Winter

It is the second day of December, which means winter sky and snowy landscapes are soon arriving. Frigid temperatures are planning to land in our backyards soon enough. Plan and prepare for the December season by reading an assortment of winter themed poems to put you in the mood for the impending winter. Welcome the … Continue reading 8 Famous Poems To Get You In The Mood For Winter

A December Poem: Snowflakes

The skyReflected ice skate lakes,Teal and shiny like steel. The celestial vaultWas folded like a blanketAnd placed inside the freezer,Beside the vanillaBehind the December lacedIce cube trays. The atmosphereChurned and stirredLike cookie batter.Flour sprinklingCountertop cornersAs white sliversCoated knit. The cerulean sphereWhispered and howledIn snowflakes,Magnetized to mittensAnd configuring pathwaysTo the mazes ofSnowscapes. The periwinkle havenSpun and … Continue reading A December Poem: Snowflakes