How I Turned Magazines Into An Art Project

It is easy for magazines to pile around the house, unread and unused. I collected some magazines around the house as well as ones I picked up at my local libraries. If you ever need to get your hands on some free magazines, libraries can be a nice place to turn to. I sorted through… Continue reading How I Turned Magazines Into An Art Project


Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

I was never a part of the One Direction craze, but when the group disbanded and Zayn pursued his own solo projects, I was interested. My favorite album of his is Icarus Falls. Why? The sound, vibes, and mature lyrics was 100% himself. He spoke from the heart and just might have placed himself in… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Zayn’s Discography

Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Grammy I have my favorite singers who I can rely on to make my day better and brighter when I need it most. For me, Khalid has become one of those musicians. My constant repeating of his album American Teen and Free Spirit inspired this blog post. I took several of his hits and turned… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Paint Sample Poetry

Interior designers may make you believe that paint samples only hold a purpose of deciding what color to paint your home. Don’t be fooled and steered in a false direction. Paint samples can come in handy for other projects. For artists, they can be used in a collage or mosaic. For writers, the color and… Continue reading Paint Sample Poetry

20 Days Of Index Card A Day

It is easy for artists and lovers of childhood to recall the clatter of colored pencil piles, hands diving for a particular color, and the scratching of points against paper. For this blog post, I grabbed a pack of colored pencils, white index cards, and cued up the Netflix original series, The Ranch. Over the… Continue reading 20 Days Of Index Card A Day

Mistakes Are Maroon

Mistakes. They are not pitch black like the darkest midnight. They are not vivid in red, either, like the most kissable of lips. Instead, mistakes are maroon. A mixture and blend of both colors, stirring together to create one of the most finest shades. It is because the dimness of black and the royalness of… Continue reading Mistakes Are Maroon

Innovative Ways To Describe Eye and Hair Color

Brown, blue, and green are colors commonly used to describe the shade of one's eye. But in truth, eyes are more than just one of those solid shades. They are speckled or composed of a combination of color. The same goes for hair. In books, many times hair is strictly labeled as black, brown, blonde,… Continue reading Innovative Ways To Describe Eye and Hair Color

Poems To Inspire Song Writing

Song writing and inspiration go hand in hand. The written word is one way that can influence song writing. Poems about love can inspire love songs, while poetry that yearns for something can create music that also features a sense of loss and wishing. In this blog, I will feature a variety of classic poems… Continue reading Poems To Inspire Song Writing

The American Dream & Butterfly Wings: A Poem

  Dreams. Our mind explores them at night. A never ending galaxy. And creates them during daylight. Butterfly wings. Every butterfly has them. Pattern unique with each wing pump and flutter. Our dreams are equally as original and must be delicately handled. The Earth. A blanket or quilt of stitched land. People dotting the ground… Continue reading The American Dream & Butterfly Wings: A Poem

Why I Love Color

I love color. Color matches my exuberant, bold style. I have always been drawn to bright things. The pictures I draw and create are illustrated in a range of color. And when it comes to my writing, I like to incorporate varying hues to descriptive scenes. While classified as an illusion, I feel as if… Continue reading Why I Love Color