Autumn Color Schemes

Autumn comes with its own color palette. From a range of greens, pale to dark like pine, and the lively reds and oranges that make our eyes widen with pleasure and allure. With all the color that sweeps the world, autumn’s colors can inspire fashion pairings, interior design trends, and more. For an extra boost of inspiration and dose of colorful living, here is an … Continue reading Autumn Color Schemes

Paint Sample Poetry

Interior designers may make you believe that paint samples only hold a purpose of deciding what color to paint your home. Don’t be fooled and steered in a false direction. Paint samples can come in handy for other projects. For artists, they can be used in a collage or mosaic. For writers, the color and their names can be used to inspire poems. I visited … Continue reading Paint Sample Poetry

A List Of Things To Embroider

A couple Decembers ago, I received my first embroidery kit. I stitched for many hours on end until the piece finally became finished. I framed it and placed it in my bedroom. Then, I was excited to venture off in another embroidery direction by completing a free hand piece. This one also took a while to complete and I was happy to see the piece … Continue reading A List Of Things To Embroider

A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

There is likely to be an infinite number of reasons to build a website. You might want to brand yourself as a freelancer, post your content publicly, advertise your business, and so on. Crafting a website that showcases and resembles who you are in the best and most professional of light is important. We are people-pleasers and want to do nothing but impress. We want … Continue reading A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

20 Days Of Index Card A Day

It is easy for artists and lovers of childhood to recall the clatter of colored pencil piles, hands diving for a particular color, and the scratching of points against paper. For this blog post, I grabbed a pack of colored pencils, white index cards, and cued up the Netflix original series, The Ranch. Over the course of twenty days, I participated in Index Card A … Continue reading 20 Days Of Index Card A Day

Digital Gallery Walk: Where Lines Meet Color

This past December was my birthday. One of the gifts from my parents was a Wacom tablet where I was finally able to create an array of artwork that digitally displays on my laptop screen. Training and teaching myself about how to use the pad, I embarked on a fifteen day challenge where I created fifteen unique digital sketches each day. In this particular collection, … Continue reading Digital Gallery Walk: Where Lines Meet Color

Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

We see green, just like the pines we place in living rooms. We see red too, just like the ornaments that decorate and the sweaters we wear to keep us warm. Silver and blue are sprinkled in from the nighttime and winter snow. Color plays a significant role during the Christmas season. Each color holds its own memories and can inspire festive color schemes that … Continue reading Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards