7 Best Writing Apps For Writers & Word Enthusiasts

We use apps to help us order food and catch a ride to anywhere. So why not have a few apps to help us write better? It just makes sense. Luckily, there are many that we can download onto our phones. I like to switch up my writing apps often, but like to have a… Continue reading 7 Best Writing Apps For Writers & Word Enthusiasts


A Sunday Poem

The plants she had plantedDigging holes with shovelsBurning beneath the sunDehydratedHad shriveled and decomposed. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The eggs she had preparedFishing for shellsAnd aiming for sunny-side upHad made the fire alarms rattle. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The shirt she had purchasedCosting a crisp $100 billHad shrunk and… Continue reading A Sunday Poem

The Best Articles & Takeaways From The Writer’s Chronicle Magazine

There are many writing magazines a literature enthusiast can subscribe to. One type of writing magazine I enjoy is The Writer's Chronicle, a publication packed with publishing opportunities, interviews, tips, discussions, ideas, and more. I managed to get my hands on ten copies of The Writer's Chronicle which gave me a taste of the amazing… Continue reading The Best Articles & Takeaways From The Writer’s Chronicle Magazine

How To Write From The Male Perspective

Perspective is a bizarre thing. Its range and context shifts from one pair of eyes to the next. With eyes like cameras, we capture and digest the images that flash and dash in front of us. The balance of light and shadows develop in our mind and remain with us forever. It is a human… Continue reading How To Write From The Male Perspective

What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

One of the perfect settings for a summer romance is the beach. The sand, ocean waves, and sunscreen scent is a landscape that marvels in the months of June, July, and August. A lot of possibility lives on the coast. It hides itself inside of curled seashells and dances in the jet stream wind of… Continue reading What Should The Setting Of Your Story Be?

The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

Adjectives are words with attitude and personality. Adjectives offer insight into the scene that is expressed. Through the right selection of adjectives, something once fictional can seem very real, very logical, very true. A range of emotions can be produced through adjectives. As a writer or even a student, you may have been instructed into… Continue reading The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

The Best Verbs To Use In Writing

Verbs help a story progress and enables the character to move from one scene to the next. Verbs enter all storylines, many of them developing into overused language. With a few verb updates and swaps, your writing can improve and supercharge with a shimmering energy. English and writing websites have posted the lists of the… Continue reading The Best Verbs To Use In Writing

Library Card: What I Read As A Child

What books did you read as a child? Did you get lost inside the illustrated tales? Did you lose yourself in Judy Blume's world? No matter the stories you checked-out from the library or filled your bookshelves with, it is no secret that any children's book plays a monumental role in developing a lifelong passion… Continue reading Library Card: What I Read As A Child

Shakespeare Sonnets To Inspire Illustrations

Illustrators are a remarkable group of artists. Their mind is artistic and hands pulsating with technique and talent. As they produce heaps of work for clients or just for fun, they must remain inspired. Illustrators have little time to hit those creative roadblocks. While writing can inspire other textual work, it can also inspire illustrations… Continue reading Shakespeare Sonnets To Inspire Illustrations

A March Poem: Door Mat

Coir door mat Can fit two feet And ten toes But just the ones That are yours. A tambourine knock And a chime doorbell. Wait just a Moment As the screen Swings open For you. The sky is changing Spinning and shifting No longer Cloud covered. It wasn't a Thunderstorm That was coming. Spring was… Continue reading A March Poem: Door Mat