Lovely Words To Add To Your February Love Stories

The Rhode Island coast cradled the couple, as ocean waves lapped, and a sunset smeared before their eyes. Another couple strutted hand-in-hand for a nighttime walk in New York City, as lights danced and fluttered around them. Love birds sniffed rows of roses in an enchanted English garden below crystalized blue skies. What love stories … Continue reading Lovely Words To Add To Your February Love Stories

How To Write Love Stories

Love at first sight; a common trope. But introduce the protagonist to their future love with lack of build-up, the story can fall through. Red roses and kisses as soft as petals are some of love's most common cliches. How can romance writers avoid these writing pitfalls and bring a new type of passion to … Continue reading How To Write Love Stories

Peaches: A Short Story

We sat in the parking lot, butts pressed against chilled pavement. The lot was attached to an abandoned store where only the essentials were sold. Now, the doors and windows were boarded and the foundation was crumbling. The security cameras that were once drilled to the side of the building loosely dangled and spray paint … Continue reading Peaches: A Short Story