License Plates: A Poem

If I were one,I'd want to be an originalArrangement of letters,Absent of numbersBecause, after all,I am a writer.They have seen allThe landmarks,Searched tunnels andGlided along bridges.Michigan to FloridaAlabama to UtahAnd everything in the in-between.

Cows: A Poem

Good morning dewClings to fields.Calves and cowsWalk the perimeters,Side by side to the fenceClustered with weeds.Flies buzz,Landing on nosesLike airport runways.Coats spotted,Magnified Dalmatian.Grass blades flattenBeneath their heavy hooves.Summer rollsLike the fog,Autumn snags ontoThe next momentQuietly.Whispers of applesAs crisp wind gently jostlesFront porch wind chimes.Whistles of acornAs a mower whirsAnd harvestsThe final rows of corn.Hums of … Continue reading Cows: A Poem

Lily Pads: A Poem

Lily pad pondsBridge the prosaicAnd poetic.Nymphaeaceae1StandingSide by sideShoelaces almost looping.We hold handsBefore blue islandsDotted in greenAs pastel frogs springAnd colored koi swim. Anura2 / Cyprinus Rubrofuscus3Steeping in summer sunFloating on a planet half unknownJust microscopic elementsBelow macroscopic teal.It sometimes feels likeWe are holding the weight ofOuter space.Victoria amazonica4 1: Scientific name for lily pads2: Scientific … Continue reading Lily Pads: A Poem

Similes: A Poem

Tangled likeJellyfish tendrils,Aquamarine and ultramarine,The corals, purplesAnd the greens.HeartsBleeding emotionallyLike ocean and moonSimiles,And when yoursBreaksI'll embroider theEmpty spaces.Rising, fallingUp and upDown then down,Twisting, zagging.No more vacancy.