National Poetry Writing Month: Day 18 – The Size Of A Heart

The nightAs dark as caves,But schizophrenic lightsStill flash. The nightAs dark as ocean pits,But your voice lathersOver the pink of my brainAnd I wonder what it means. The nightAs dark as the underbelly of eyelids,But my eyes feel frozen. The nightAs dark as a starless galaxy.But the sizeOf my heartCould neverRetreat.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 15 – Kiss The Sky

I'll kiss the skyBefore the artless descend,You pushed me from yourSolar system. All ferris wheels stop turningAll coastal winds stiffenAll sunshine disappearsAs our hearts stop beating,But neither of us are dead,Yet the feeling remains deep. We plummetOut of the orbitYou inventedFor us to exploreAnd I lost you in the Luminous gazeOf it all. I thought… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 15 – Kiss The Sky

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 14 – Things That Hang

Things That Hang:1. The kitchen chandelier2. The living room curtains3. The unknown future4. The foyer painting5. The bedroom bookshelves6. The memory of you7. The front porch lantern8. The bathroom shower curtain9. The heavy heart10. The basement ladder11. The attic spider webs12. The lonely pair of hands13. The shed beehives14. The garden birdhouses15. The unsaid words16.… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 14 – Things That Hang

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

Circular speakersLarge like moonsGlowing in the night,Silent shimmers byPillow case.Like a warm mouthIn my earVerse and chorusRing and remain,Just sitting there. Static buzzesAnd I imagine somethingInterstellar. Turning knobsSkittering past numbers,Favorites always ended inNines and fives. New music flung itselfAcross my mind,Illuminating the backsOf my eyesAnd igniting a streamOf stories untold,The pronouns referred toCharacters I'd soon… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 11 – Swimming

Water washes overAnd bumps againstMy collarbone.Waves scoop into myHands,Swimming withThe stranger things.Liquid glassWallops the coast,Brisk bands of windEmulate,Skin turns to goosebumpsBut this cold feelsDifferently.Bottomless whispers andSplashes shared,Retold,Like conversationStuffed in spiralsOf conch.Water tugs,We conquer the threshold.Seaside DNA seepsFrom between our toesAnd we are pulled out againSwimming withThe stranger things.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 8 – Thunder

Harbor morning,Thunderstorm skiesStir the ocean,Seagulls initiateDaybreak. The moonMigrates from the marinaCarrying harbor huesTo galaxy strings. A new environmentBlows forward. SeismographOn the Carolina dock.Permanent markingsTo thunderous vibrationsAnd sophisticated motions,Soundtrack of mellow and agitation. Lines stutter and lunge,Soft bump like a baby's heartbeat,Fierce elevationDark like aMidnight crater. The wind joltsSurprising the sea. Raising higher intoThe atmosphere,Propelling your… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 8 – Thunder

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 6 – Oasis

Smeared summer,Foot's underneath.Whirling bathtub drain,Never vanishingUnlike a shooting star.Heads tilt back,Intense neck creasesPleated with JulyMemories."All of the people are out tonight."All the way in the backOf the black velvet oasis.Rounded cul-de-sac,Neighborhood aglow,Rings of light shine acrossJade, spinning behindSidewalk and streetlamp.Curtains tossed sideways,Windows radiate in spectrumsOf the moon."Do you think they will be out all night?"Orbs… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 6 – Oasis

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 5 – Inside & Outside

Your eyesLike windows,A marbled universeI was invited into. I pulled the shadesCreating a hideaway,Protecting you everyday.The blinds flung openA morning too early. We walked in the beatOf autumn,While you paraded in a falseSummer prance. We never made it to spring.Yet, floral daydreamsAre pasted to theUnderneath of eyelids.I wish upon starsThat they'll wipe away.