A Sunday Poem

The plants she had plantedDigging holes with shovelsBurning beneath the sunDehydratedHad shriveled and decomposed. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The eggs she had preparedFishing for shellsAnd aiming for sunny-side upHad made the fire alarms rattle. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The shirt she had purchasedCosting a crisp $100 billHad shrunk and… Continue reading A Sunday Poem


Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Summer is packed to the sweltering seams of vibrance and energy. The sun blazes fully and the color that surrounds never ceases to exist. The sunsets stretch further and the ocean waves glow in a special turquoise. Light just seems to shimmer anywhere and everywhere. In celebration, I created color schemes and mood boards to… Continue reading Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Month

July flickers in fireflies and glows in fireworks. July is also known for sizzling barbecues. National Ice Cream Month also takes place this month, along with National Blueberry Month. Two days ago, I shared a list of fun ways to celebrate ice cream. Now, I am sharing ways to celebrate blueberries throughout the month of… Continue reading Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Month

Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

If you have not yet heard, July is National Ice Cream Month. With a dessert as delicious as this one, it surely deserves 31 days dedicated to it. If you are like me, you can eat ice cream no matter the weather or season. But munching on this treat is even better when the sun… Continue reading Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month